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94. Star Trek: Lower Decks

We have watched Star Trek: Lower Decks watched the IGN and Comic-Con panels and we are going to give you all the details, talk about the cannon, give you our review, and sort out the toxic fandom.

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93. Warrior Nun Is Netflix’s Newest Superhero

Today we are going to discuss the Netflix original series Warrior Nun. We are going to dive into what its about, who is in it, how it relates to the comics, what we thought, and decoding the crazy ending. For our patrons we talk...

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92. SDCC At Home Virtual Comic-Con’s Best Panels

This week we cover San Diego Comic-Con @ Home! It was a great 5 days of content. It's also our one year anniversary, YAY! We hope you enjoy the episode.

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91. Top 10 Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) Movies of all Time

Did you like Avengers: Infinity War? Do you wonder what the differences are between the movie and the comics? In this episode of FanDummies we dig into the differences. We cover what Comic books you should read to go with the movie, how the...

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