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Lessons Learned from Marvel Movies

Disney+ recently launched. With it, almost all of the Marvel movies are available in one place! My 9-year-old son, a huge Thor fan, and I decided we wanted to watch all the Marvel movies in chronological order. While watching all the movies, I started to see some common themes and...

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Pokemon Sword or Shield?

Should you get Pokemon Sword or Shield? The Pokemon franchise is known for releasing two companion games at the same time.

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A Fan’s Guide to The Walking Dead Fandom

The Walking Dead, since first seeing it on television way back on Halloween 2010, has captivated me with every moment, every plot twist and every story arc. There is very little about the show and the universe that is still unknown to me. This articles is my guide to...

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Top 10 Aliases on Supernatural

We all love Supernatural for so many reasons, but the fact that the Winchester brothers often borrow names from rock stars and famous movie characters is just the perfect icing on the cake. It is known that Sam and Dean...

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Top Baby Yoda Merch

The Mandalorian is turning out to be excellent Star Wars. Mando himself is an excellent character, but the star of the show is Baby Yoda. Since we are buying all the Byoyo merch we can get our hands on,...

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What We’re Most Excited to Watch on Disney+

Disney+ has launched! Here is what we're most looking forward to watching.

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50. Sonic the Hedgehog: How Fandom Saved the Movie

Gotta go fast! In this episode we discuss the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and our experiences with the Sonic video games. Plus Jessica has a theory about these video game movies.

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Fandom News 2-14-20

Here's the latest in fandom and entertainment news!

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49. Ships We Love, Hate, and Wish Were Canon – Happy Valentine’s Day!

We ship it! And we don't mean UPS. In this special Valentine's Day episode we discuss some of our favorite relationships in shows, movies, and more. We also talk about our early ships, and some we...strongly dislike. Happy Valentine's Day from FanDummies!

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48. Birds of Prey But Really Harley Quinn: The Movie

In this episode, we review Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)! We discuss what we liked and didn't like about the movie, plus what makes Harley Quinn so popular. *Spoilers!

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I love dogs and have two that are crazy for hedgehogs (the stuffed ones not real ones). I play too much Pokemon Go! I love YouTube. Hashtag Trainer Tips. I fall asleep when shows are boring, and sometimes even when they’re fun.


Whose idea was this? I have way too many fandoms to count. I will rage quit your show if my favorite character leaves or gets killed though. You’ve been warned. I also play D&D! A half-elf fighter, if you were wondering.