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109. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Is A Life Day Miracle

Today we are going to talk the Disney+ movie The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. We will cover what it's about, some fun facts, who the actors are, we count down our 5 favorite scenes and our over all review of the movie. Stay...

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108. Lovecraft Country on HBO Intersects Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Today we are going to talk about the HBO series Lovecraft Country. We will cover what it's about, some fun facts, who the actors are, and our review of the series. How many stars will we give Lovecraft Country?

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107. Prospect On Netflix Starring The Mandalorian

This week on FanDummies we talk about the movie Prospect on Netflix. Prospect stars everyone's favorite Mandalorian Pedro Pascal and Sophie Thatcher. We decided to talk about this movie because we wanted to watch something where Pedro Pascal was the lead. Sophie Thatcher was...

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I love Sci-Fi! I read, watch, and then review Sci-Fi on my own blog and YouTube channel – Greg Reviews Sci-Fi, so I can help you figure out what to read or watch as well.



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