109. The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Is A Life Day Miracle

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Today we are going to talk the Disney+ movie The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. We will cover what it’s about, some fun facts, who the actors are, we count down our 5 favorite scenes and our over all review of the movie. Stay till the end to see how many stars we give The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. Hum do I smell tip yip?

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00:00:00 Preroll Ad Night Shift Radio – Intro
00:07:10 What is The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special About? Technical Details & Actors
00:12:58 Support FanDummies – Please Subscribe or Patreon –
00:14:42 Top 5 Favorite Scenes
00:21:07 Our Review and Ratings of The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special
00:27:59 Homework


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