125. The Justice League Theatrical Release Rewatch and Review

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On the show today we talking about the original theatrical release of The Justice League movie. The Snyder cut is going on March 18th and we need to prepare!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:00 What is The Justice League Theatrical release and Why Did We Watch It? Why did Joss Whedon take over?
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00:26:06 What is Wrong with The Justice League Theatrical Release? Snyder Cut Trailer Talk. Our Review for The Justice League Theatrical Release.

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Erin – I love dogs and have two that are crazy for hedgehogs (the stuffed ones not real ones). I play too much Pokemon Go! I love YouTube. I love Harry Potter, Star Trek, and The Mandalorian (Baby Yoda!). I also collect PEZ Dispensers and love to read comics.


Welcome to the FanDummies. I’m Greg and I’m Erin on today’s show we’re talking about the original theatrical release of the Justice League. The Snyder Cut is coming out on March 18th and we need to prepare. So we’re going to talk about what it is, what it did, right? What it did wrong. And did it hold up because 2017 has been a long time, been a long, long time put on your super pants because it’s time to fly away.

What about super suit? You saw in the Justice League Superman flies with no shirt on. All you need is super pants. Why even put the super suit on? I have no idea seemed just fine without it. It must protect them in some way. When he flies super fast, pulls out his chest hairs like real slow.  Can you imagine how much that would hurt? Well, you can’t, but I can tell you that it would hurt to just have your chest hair slowly pulled out by wind. That is why Superman wears the super suit. It’s a fact. Now I think four years ago, it wasn’t a thing to manscape and now it’s just like, Oh, you have a furry chest. No, no. It was a thing to manscape just Henry Cavill. He’s too, man. He sets the bar. People follow him.

Erin, do you think that there’s people out there that don’t know what the Justice League movie is? Probably. It’s been almost four years since it premiered. We always joke and say, the movies that we talk about may have come out before you were born. That’s not the case with this one. Have you listened to this show at almost four years old? You’re a genius. And we love you.

Do you want to hear what the Justice League movies are about? Yeah, I’m just going to read it because it’s easy. I like to read these. IMDB intros fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlist, the help of new found ally, Diana Prince to face an even greater enemy. It’s just Bruce Wayne and Diana. I’m guessing. That’s what I think. I mean, can you believe that that’s the description for this movie? It’s pretty bad. I would read the description of the Snyder cut, but it’s like 16 paragraphs long.

Yeah. Cause he just makes everything longer. But that would be a really good podcast. No matter what it is, when Sndyer gets a hold of it, it’s two or three times longer. You can tell that Wieden, Josh, Sweden, didn’t write this intro. You know why? Because it’s not funny. Exactly. There’s no like puns. So the real story of this movie, it’s essentially the coming together of Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg in an attempt to bring Superman back to life, to battle Steppenwolf, who is trying to Terraform the earth with the mother boxes, not the mother of all boxes. The mother boxes, not the mother of all boxes, boxes, the mothers of all boxes. Is it like a motherboard in my computer? It’s like, sort of, I don’t know. It is like a computer. It’s like the mother boxes. I just think it’s kind of naughty to say anyway, they come together to form the unity in order to Terraform the earth to Steppenwolf’s desires.

Now, why do we rewatch this thing? What do you think, Erin? What was your motivation to rewatch this? Yes. So we can remember it and we can compare it to the Snyder Cut when we, why? Yeah. And I think it’s a good time to rewatch it for not only the Snyder Cut coming out, but since 2017, we’ve had another movie. Right. We’ve got an Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Right?

I think you always want to rewatch these team-up movies after the solo movies come out. So we had Wonder Woman 1984, like you said, we had the Aquaman movie. And when you watch the Justice League again, you know, these characters just a little bit more. Yeah. I think it helps. Yeah. which is really great. So what was the controversy around this movie? Like why is there such a thing as a Snyder Cut at all. Zack Snyder, he got all the way to post production of creating the Justice League. And in 2017, his daughter died suddenly. He just couldn’t bring himself to keep working on it.

I think the stress of the studio trying to make him make changes. And they brought in Joss Whedon before he even left and Whedon was hired to do some rewrites. And I guess when it was time to go film, those Snyder didn’t want to come back. He just wanted to stay home with his family, which makes sense. And I don’t think that he could take the pressure of making these changes to the movie he’s, you know, so passionate about and, you know, dealing with family life as well.  So he stepped down and they hired Whedon, finish it off, like right away, which when you look at it, it makes sense because we didn’t was responsible for the vendor’s movie that did so well. I mean that thing grossed, you know, one point something billion dollars. Now we don’t know any details other than what’s been published, but we went through and looked at all the stuff, Snyder said on Twitter and all the interviews that he has been on during the prep for the show, Snyder is pretty vocal with his thoughts and his ideas and you know, where he’s talking the movie, which I kind of liked that because he seems really into it. It’s going to be good or bad. 

I think Warner wanted Avengers just with the DC characters, where it was bright and funny and fast paced with the big fight scene at the end and introduced the characters in a way that they could make more movies with them going forward. All right. To kind of set up the franchise like the Avengers did well. What Snyder wanted was a very dark movie about basically the soul of humanity where dark side and Steppenwolf come to crush the world and Superman’s dead and everyone’s sad and they basically have to resurrect him in order to save the world.  It’s just not Avengers. Right. The two are just so different. Sounds good.

I know, I think it’s a mistake to try to put the Avengers style movie with anyone else. Like you can’t convert a dark movie into Avengers halfway through and let’s put, it felt like, yeah,  I don’t think I’m really that big of a fan of Zack Snyder. Honestly, I wasn’t blown away by any of his movies,  Superman, Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel. They’re all good. They’re just not amazing, but I’m constantly blown away by the Marvel movies. Like I watched the Marvel movies and I just think Holy crap, Guardians of the Galaxy, not only is it funny, I know that’s not Joss Whedon, but not only is it funny, but it’s compelling.

Yeah. I think Marvel just does a good job of hiring these different directors for their movies and they usually pretty big names. Yeah. Like James Gun, Joss Whedon. Yeah. I don’t think you can expect a good movie when you changed directors. It doesn’t matter who you’re changing it from and who you’re changing it to. And you know, when you read some of the controversy, I read somewhere that, that Joss filmed an extra 30 something minutes and was responsible for 20 minutes of the cuts from the Snyder cut.

So apparently when he left, Snyder had it whittled down to like two hours and 28 minutes or something and basically half an hour that was reshot. And then kind of integrated back into the movie to make it two hours. Exactly.  Yeah. It seems like he put a pretty big stamp on it. It was owned. I don’t know what you expect to do. I mean, he was hired to quote unquote, fix the movie.

The studio want it brighter and funnier. And I think he did the best he could. Now it sounds like the management of Warner Media at the time was pretty tough to deal with because, you know, Zach made comments that they were being tough on him at the same time he was dealing with his family issues. Yeah.

The justice league was one of the first DC movies in a while that they’ve made, you know, there wasn’t too many before. And then the Avengers was such a big hit that, you know, of course DC is going to be like, you know, I want that same vibe in my movie, you know, that produced, you know, billion dollars. I want to make that same thing. Yeah. Let’s copy what works. Yeah. But I think fast forward three and a half, four years later, I think the whole superhero world and everything that people like is so different and we’ve gone through a couple more DC movies. Haven’t really made that many, but we’ve gotten a lot of Marvel content since then. I think just like what people, like, I mean, think of all the R rated animations that we’ve watched for DC comics, the theatrical release of the Justice League, it wasn’t R rated.

But now the Snyder Cut is I think just what people expect nowadays is different than just almost four years ago. What do you think about that?

I’m not sure that if Snyder would’ve released his original cut, if it would have been any better, because maybe if the studio would have left him alone completely, and he would have released a three hour movie, which is what he originally sent to them, that they just rejected it since too long. Now days. It seems that people just want more and more and more. But back then, you know, the studio was probably right. I mean, you put out a three-hour superhero movie, make it PG 13 for kids or, you know, for kids three hours is a long time to bring kids into the theater. I mean, nowadays I think you could do it, but I’m not sure that it would have done any better.

I don’t love it when the studio gets into the creative process. But on the other hand, I think the directors have to look at the data. The studio is telling them like, Hey, here’s how long movies are that perform the best? You know, here’s the audiences we’re trying to target. You know, here’s the people we’re trying to reach, you know, director make a superhero movie that targets these folks.

This is the people we want. We want to target the DC fans. We want to target 13 to 25 year olds, whatever it is. I think superhero movies are way more popular. I think just superheroes in general are way more popular than they were back then. And even Snyder. He says that the Batman vs. Superman movie has a cult following. Like he’s proud of this. I think that if you like Zach Snyder, if you liked the feel of his movies, if you liked the look of his movies and his storytelling and everything, I think you’re going to love this Justice League Snyder Cut. And I think that the way that he made like Batman vs. Superman and the Man of Steel that kind of look has kind of gone forward into the DC movies. If you know it or not like that look, and that feel has gone like through Wonder Woman. 

I think a lot of his production team worked on that. And then when they made this new wonder woman, 1984, and they went in a totally different direction, I think that’s what ruined the DC movies. For me, I’m pretty excited about the cider because I liked the way he shoots his movies and the color grading and everything. I think he puts a lot of thought into it.

Well, we’re getting to point where I think we should start talking about our review of the original theatrical release. And I’ll just kind of start by saying that I’m in a different place with my movie appreciation skills than I was in 2017 when I watch movies today because of what we do here at fan dummies. I appreciate things like color grading and storytelling and music and all of these elements of filmmaking that I just didn’t understand before. Right. So when I see a cool color grade, I think to myself, wow, like this is art when, before I’d say like on the walking dead, like, why is it grainy? Why is this show so grainy? I’m trying to watch it on 4k. You could probably listen to our previous episodes here. We complain about that. I don’t know.

I just think that I’m excited for Snyder to be able to show us his ultimate vision. Yeah. That’s what I’m most excited about. I want to see him flex his art muscle to the maximum. And then I can say, I like him as an artist or I don’t, because what I’ve seen so far, I’m just like, eh, really well, we’ll get into the trailer, talk in the next segment. But I’m saying the movies of his I’ve seen before have not been my favorite superhero movies that have been made.

One funny part about that is I thought of when you were just saying that is this movie, he says, it’s the movie he wanted to make. But if you think back to Batman vs. Superman or Man of Steel, how much say did the studio have in those movies that, you know, they made them change stuff, but this is the movie that he wants to create and he’s doing it with, I think no one else’s input, which I think is awesome. Yeah. They’re just giving them free rein to do whatever you want, which is pretty cool.

He was asked in one of his live streams when he showed the trailer, why did you put the Joker in it? And he got offended and said, I thought you guys wanted to see my cut. And I’m like, okay man, like, we’ll, we’ll take your word for it. We’ll just, we’ll watch it when it comes out.

All right, Erin, tell me, this is now at least the second time we’ve seen the Justice League, probably more than that, but let’s say it’s the second time we’ve watched it. We just watched it yesterday. It’s fresh in our minds. What did you think?

I still enjoyed it. I don’t know. It’s still superheroes. And I do really like the Justice League. I really liked Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. I’m just a basic superhero lover. I guess there’s always a spot for, you know, the basic superheroes for me. And I like The Flash. We watched the flash on CW. It’s not Grant Gustin The Flash, but it’s Ezra Miller. And I think he does a great job. And of course, Aquaman, Jason Mamoa. I mean, we loved him from Stargate, which is awesome and Cyborg, and he’s a pretty neat character as well, but we don’t get much backstory on Cyborg. And the backstory that I think is in the movie is different than the Doom Patrol one it slightly varries.

And you know, The flash, we don’t barely get a backstory on that. And Aquaman, it’s just like, Oh, well, so there’s just a guy that wears no shirt that gets in the sea. And there’s no backstory. You don’t really know these characters as much as sexy Roman wonder woman in Batman. Right. So I think you’re losing out on the, on the story a little bit there. I think the pacing, in least the first half, I was like, Oh my gosh, it’s like, you get a few seconds here. You get a few seconds there. A few minutes here, a few minutes there that kind of reminded me of like the Star Wars prequels. And it’s just so fast paced. I think if they would have slowed it down and maybe told a little bit more of the story and like full sentences instead of these really quick one-liners that reminds me of like the old Batman movies.

I don’t like the one-liners. I don’t know how Marvel they do it better. I still don’t really like, love it, love it. I think they do it better, but I just want a serious superhero movie with a good story. I mean, I thought it was entertaining. I think that you do see a lot of Snyder’s influence in it. I just think that, you know, we didn’t got ahold of it and change it up a little bit and it’s gotta be hard. Like I wouldn’t want to take over someone’s movie and finish it when they’re not even around to have a say in it. I mean, I’m an artist myself. I know everybody has a different art style suits. It’s not like it’s easy to recreate someone’s art. I mean, people study other people’s art all the time and try to recreate it.

But it’s not the same as like what actually comes out of you as your own art. I mean, post they’re subtle things in the movie that mess with your eye, like Superman in the movie, it was filmed with a black suit on, but they color corrected the original suit color on him in post-production. So it just looks fake. Like it doesn’t look as real because it’s not as real. It’s not a suit it’s computer generated close on Henry Cavill while he’s computer generated, flying there’s little things in there that I think will mess with your eye that won’t in the Snyder cut.

But let me just say this movie had so many flaws, but I was smiling the whole time. I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman properly. That’s for sure. Now people say, Oh, you know, she was doing sexy poses and silly stuff like that. I didn’t get that at all. I thought she looked awesome. She looked tough. She looked smart. She was witty. She was wearing a business suit half the time and looked better than everybody. I thought that put wonder woman in a great light. I know some people disagree, but you know, everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Yeah. I didn’t really care for Alfred too much. I thought that Alfred typically would play a larger role in Batman’s life.

And he’s also real stodgy, exact particular. And he just seemed different than other Batman movies or even comic books. The biggest thing that heard it was obviously the story they didn’t even get to the point until there was only half an hour left in the movie.

Yeah. It seemed like there was a lot of upfront. Nothing really happened. It felt like the 50% Mark when it was like 85% over. So that’s one thing I’m looking forward to being fixed. What I will say is watching Ezra Miller’s The Flash for the second time he felt more like The Flash, right? Like the first time I wasn’t a big fan. I thought, yeah. You know, Grant Gustin is such a better flash.

He’s really good. But when you watch it the second time, it really felt like another Flash movie to me. I just liked him much better. He was much more charming. His one-liners stuck a little bit more. I just gave him the benefit of the doubt more than I did the last. He’s just a fun guy, I think in real life. But I think that it comes across more with this one line that some of the people that just read them and it just doesn’t seem believable. I don’t think Aquaman or Wonder Woman and Batman would be making funny jokes, but I could see The Flash making the funny jokes. 

Yeah, that’s exactly right. The other thing is we had an Aquaman movie and we really learned a lot about Aquaman. So seeing the Aquaman movie before Justice League really helps Justice League, because then you don’t have to spend a bunch of time on the backstory of Aquaman, which they didn’t. But we watched it originally before Aquaman came out. So I think the first time through we’re like Aquaman, we get nothing from him. He’s just like a vagabond that hangs out in a fishing village of 35 people instead of doing what he should be doing, protecting the oceans or whatever. He’s literally just hanging out. That’s what you think. But when you watch him in the Aquaman movie and you see all he’s gone through and Atlantis and you see his backstory and you know who he is and all that stuff, you can see why he might pop out occasionally this fishing village to get some free drinks from the people who paint him on the wall. Right?

Like it makes more sense. I really disliked Steppenwolf. I thought he was just a mediocre villain. And the ending was a letdown. The key literally beamed out. I mean, he was like captain Kirk, after all the red shirts died, he’s like, Oh, let her get out of here. And you can come back, I guess. Right. Why can’t he come back? You guys, you just wait a half an hour until the superheroes leave and then come back. He’d be like, look around like, no, are they gone? Are they gone? Did they think I was leaving in? Does not coming back? I mean, have I given impression that I just give up this easily? It’s pretty funny. It makes no sense to me. You know, the enterprise is still an orbit can come back down anytime.

I think when you have villains and they’re a CGI villain, I think they have to do a really good job with the CGI and making it believable. I don’t think his CGI on him was all that great.

No, no. And I expect the Snyder cut CGI to be at 2021 levels. It looks like it. I expect it right when I watch it. Now I give the Justice League, the benefit of the doubt 2017 when it came out 2016 when it was made. Right. So I look at it and I go, Hey, that’s not bad for four years ago. Yeah. I still think that they could have probably did better, but I don’t know. I’m not an expert at that stuff. 

Yeah. I heard one comment or say it looked like a bad PS two game, which is just not true. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a hundred percent, but maybe like a 75. Like it just wasn’t fully, well, we know Snyder, CGI people are pretty good because in Wonder Woman 1984, they didn’t use them. And it was way worse. It was way worse. Yeah. So we know that they’re pretty good. I’m kind of glad DC’s moving in another direction. I’ve had my fill of Snyder, quite frankly. And when I watched these interviews from him, he just, just don’t think we would be friends. Like, it just seems kind of smug.

I think you kind of have to be like that though. I mean, think of everything that he has to go through to make these movies and all the comments and everything he has to go through. And you know, people are prying in, on his personal life and his creator life and it’s gotta be hard to live in the spotlight.

I get it. And that’s why they get millions and millions of dollars to ease their burden. You know, Pat the tears with hundred dollar bills. I get it. I can’t feel sad for somebody that chose that life. You know what I mean? That you picked it. It’s hard to say. I think if I would be friends with them, but I do like how he is outspoken about it coming up and he’s proud of it. And he’s looking forward to sharing it with everybody.

I think I liked that about it because I think that he could go, Oh, that’s Whedon, but you don’t really hear that everybody calls it the theatrical release. I think he does a good job at owning it. I think now I don’t know if he looks back and he actually says, Oh, I could have did better. Or people just have told them all this time that, you know, you’re better than this, but I don’t know. It’s gotta be hard.

What gives me hope is that Snyder and several occasions has praised Joss Whedon. He said, he’s a brilliant writer. This is a great director. And he really kind of put this burden on the studio. If you read between the lines, he said, the studios really is who messed this up because the studio was pushing Whedon to rewrite these sections and to make it funnier and lighter. And when Snyder left, they had an open slate. You know, there was nobody pushing back. So, the studio was probably like, like good ridden Snyder. I don’t know what they actually said, but now they’re all gone.

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I love too much. I know. I know if we didn’t have the podcast, we’ll be still watch this stuff. 2 (25m 14s): Probably watch The Mandalorian over and over and over. Or just the scenes with Grogu. The scenes you would only watch the episodes would be Grogu in it. Yeah.  I just look for the YouTube channel that just has the Baby Yoda scenes. You’re not having any Star Wars content. Doesn’t it. 

We soon will get The Bad Batch. Oh, May 4th. It’s like may the force be with you? That’s how it’s easy to remember. I don’t know why we didn’t guess that something was going to come out. May 4th. We should try to do is finish Rebels before may fourth. Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. I got to go, I guess, off the podcast and go watch your Rebels. It’s like almost two months until Bad Batch premiers.

All right, Erin, are you ready to get into this? What was wrong with the theatrical release? Yeah. What was wrong with it? We’re going to just tell you exactly because we’re big time. Hollywood producer, director geniuses. So, so we know we know exactly what Joss Whedon did wrong. I mean, exactly. So we’re going to tell you, go ahead, Erin, go ahead. You start.

Thanks. It’s not that bad. No, no, you’re right. It’s not that bad. Yeah. I wish we would have gotten better backstories and that theatrical release. I think it was lacking a backstory for The Flash and Aquaman and Cyborg. If we would’ve known a little bit more about them, I think it would have helped. And maybe they should have pushed out the Justice League and made their own individual solo movies before they released the Justice League.

That is exactly what should have happened. I knew you were a genius director person. You nailed it. Just Snyder was having some home issues, some major home issues, right? Like big time stuff that he had to go deal with. They should have just taken that movie, put it on the shelf, made The Flash, made Aquaman, made Cyborg. We still don’t have a Cyborg movie too or The Flash that they’d been creating The Flash for years. I think it was probably in the works. Even when this movie was being made.

When Zach was back, we dust it off. And then we come out with the movie how it’s supposed to be, which is called the Snyder Cut, which would have been the theatrical release. That’s how it should have been done. You’ll see that when you rewatch it the second time or you rewatch it now, now that you’ve seen the Aquaman movie, Aquaman doesn’t seem all out of place. It’s only The flash and Cyborg. Like, you know, what’s going on with Aquaman. I think that’s great. And I hope, I hope we’re going to get into this more. I think in the trailer talk, but I hope Zack Snyder realizes, Hey, the Aquaman movies out. So we don’t really need as much backstory with Aquaman, but we have a bunch of backstory for The flash and Cyborg. We should use that. And we shouldn’t rewrite the backstory for Aquaman because if you think about it, he may have filmed a bunch of backstory that we didn’t see, but it’s probably different than what was in the Aquaman movie that came out after.

So if he tells that story for Aquaman, it’ll rewrite the cannon, which is not good because the DC universe should be cohesive. Yeah, that’s true. Huh? He’s a smart guy. There’s no doubt about it. I tend to think that we’re going to get an Aquaman rewrite because we’re going to get a joker rewrite.

Right. So there’s going to be some stuff there, from everything that we’ve seen online, what do you think was the biggest issue? Like the largest issue that this original movie had?

I think the fact that it was only two hours and one minute that’s including the in credits. You have to sit there, but for 10 minutes and watch the credits to get to the end credit. That’s just really short for a superhero movie. Yeah. Thank you. Always have to go in at least two hours, 25 minutes. It seems like the longer, the better we haven’t seen this over and over every podcast assumes life. But I think that if you’re going to cram a story into a movie, why not just make it a TV series and tell the story, right? Spend some time on each character’s backstory. You spend some time developing the characters and you know what they’re facing and stuff in the show and just spend a lot of time on it.

Don’t just try to cram it in into a two hour movie. Cause it just doesn’t do it. Any justice. Cut. Cut. Cut. Snyder’s cutting those puns baby does that my first pun ever like ever, ever, it might be your first pun. I’m not very punny. My puns just come on on accident. The simple puns.

Yeah. You’re an excuse the pun. What does it, what does it when people say when they pun on accident, but I won’t realize I’m putting it on accident. You said ha. I don’t know. But that time I, I said it, cause it came to me as I was saying, I’ve been hanging out with you too much. 

Yeah. By 24 hours a day, seven days a week for an entire year too much. 2 (30m 35s): That’s not too much. It’s not enough. Greg.

We talked a little bit about this in our previous segment and in the previous video for those watching on YouTube, but the studio continuously shrunk this movie. And essentially what happened is, is it was backstory and planning for one hour and 40 minutes. And then it was 20 minutes of actual story. Really? 15 minutes of actual story because the credits are five minutes. No, no. And we watched a bunch of YouTube videos where we verified the timeline where they were showing us like right about here is when it started.

And it was like 26 minutes to go of the movie. So I think that was its most critical issue. I think the other issue is that Snyder really filmed this thing to have a dark moody tone, whack with blue and orange color grades and gray color grades and in very serious dialogue and the Whedon one-liner quips, although funny or out of place. So like Batman jumps down to see Commissioner Gordon kind of all the attrical like somehow Diana and Cyborg just appear. And then The Flash appears and then they all disappear.

And the flash is just standing there. Like where did they go? I mean, he’s the fastest man alive. He would see even my new movements. Like they wouldn’t be able to leave without him noticing, but they did. And it was funny and it was a Whedon funny. Like it was totally a whedon and funny, right. Is like awkward, funny. That’s how Whedon does it? Like, it’s an awkward, funny, well, it’s too awkward when the world’s ending, when they should be worried about where Steppenwolf is and, and you know, the weight of the world is on their shoulders and time is of the essence. They shouldn’t be cracking jokes. All right. Let’s get into a little bit of the trailer talk because I think the most important thing about the Snyder cut is to see if Zack Snyder delivers on the things fans want and we’re fans. I mean, we’re big DC fans. You are a ginormous Wonder Woman fan?

Yeah. Right. Not so much anymore, but yeah. Well I try Wonder Woman1984. Doesn’t try, but I try. Yeah Wonder Woman 1984 hurts your feelings. Like really deeply deep. We are Supergirl fans. Right. There’s Supergirl merch all over this place. All the superheroes on it. Yeah. And I love Batman. Like I’ve got Batman comics from when I was a kid that I’ve kept until this day. Like I have never gotten rid of, and I’m trying to like Superman. I’m trying. Yeah.

Superman. Oh. And the new CW. Superman and Lois. Yeah. That’s pretty good. I do like DC Comics superheroes when it’s good. It’s good. Right. So right away in the Snyder cut trailer. And there’s been what? Three trailers. Yeah. I think so. Well, one of them was just the black and white version. I think the second one pretty much the same as just colored. Yeah. It was a little smaller. The second one that was colored was a little bit smaller because you don’t see The Flash doing the back in time thing. And the second one, but yeah, very, very much the same. But the opening scene where Superman is dying, it reminds you of the drama that happened at the end of Batman vs. Superman. Like you must be reminded of that to get your mind set in the right place. Right. Because basically Batman is just guilty. He feels guilty. But for us, it’s been four years for him. It hasn’t been that long. It’s been months. 

Right. So I think it’s smart to remind us of Superman stuff. What do you think Erin? Yeah, I think so. Especially since it was such a huge impact on the movies, even I’m like, it’s, Sci-fi he’s not going to die, like he’s going to come back. And I know in the comics, Superman has died and you know, ends up coming back. So it was just like, Oh, he’s not going to stay dead. Even though they do make it really sad and believable that he’s not coming back. Yeah. I hope that they show us when they hang the banner. Nothing is like, as real as when you can see people like putting up the shrines or whatever, whether it’s a poster or flowers or banners. Cause they hung black Superman banners from buildings and bridges and things like that to mourn Superman. Like the world is still mourning his death, but it didn’t feel like that to me because it’s been four years. Yeah. What’s up with the, the aspect ratio. Isn’t this Justice League Movie, The Snyder Cut. Isn’t it going to be in a different aspect ratio than what we would expect from the theater?

Yeah. It’s going to be in a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is an IMAX ratio. That’s how the IMAX movies or tile movies, you know, with IMAX sequences are filmed and Snyder said that he just fell in love with the IMAX sequences from Batman vs Superman. He says something like superheroes move more vertical than they do horizontal. So I think it makes sense that you have more up and down screen than you do. If you crop off the top and the bottom to make a wide screen.

That’s really interesting. And I think he also just wants it to stand out apart from other superhero movies that you look at it, you say that’s the center cut Justice League. Well, I think since most of us will be watching it on our home theater. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks on our TV. I mean, I hope it’s going to be good. I think the bigger TV you have, the better you are, but I think that’s true of all things. Now. I wish we had a big theater to watch this in I think it will be weird at first, but I think once she’s get into it, you’ll forget about it.

Yeah. Because if you remember, even the first couple of WandaVision episodes were like that, you got used to it really quick. All right. So what other things from the trailer caught your eye? They had the whole new scene with Diana Wonder Woman. It looks like she’s in Greece where the arrow landed is that her mom that shot the arrow and she’s like, Oh, you know, Diana will know what to do. So apparently Diana must go there and she finds out, you know, what’s happening. I think she reads the writing on the wall and she figures it out.

That’s the difference between the Snyder Cut and the Whedon cut in a nutshell. Right. Diana knows what to do, but we, as the watchers we don’t know anything. Yeah. I was like, what is she talking about? Like tell me what she knows. You just said a very old, historically significant building a fire and wonder woman goes, ah, the war it’s already here. Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense. Yeah. Yeah. It makes no sense. So I’m glad that kind of puts a bow on that. Hopefully it does. Right. We haven’t seen it, but based on the trailer. Yeah. Okay. What else? There’s also that scene and it sounds like Batman is talking about a dream that he’s having.

It’s like in Batman vs Superman where you see Batman, he has the goggles and he is wearing the trench coat and he has the gun and that’s new. I don’t remember that. 0 Yeah. I think they were playing on that vision that Batman had of the future. Like a future dystopia. That’s not good. And it’s also kind of brings full circle of the popping out to Batman and saying, Oh, am I too early? It hasn’t happened yet. Am I too early? So it kind of puts that stuff again in like a nice little bow. I keep saying that, but it wraps up all these things that Zack Snyder had set up in his previous movies. And I think Josh just didn’t know that stuff. Like he just had no idea that the master plan was supposed to unfold in the justice league. Yeah. A little Easter egg. So in that dream, is that where we get to see the Joker?

I’m guessing. Yeah. Yeah. I’m guessing I really, really love the fact that they’re CGI Steppenwolf. The fact that he’s wearing a super shiny like spiky armor and it has his helmet off, it looks so good. Like it looks so good. And I just think that if you hadn’t taken the chance to remaster this movie after four years, then there’s no point in doing it. Like you’re going to have to reshoot some things. You’re going to have to redo the CGI. You’re going to have to tweak some stuff. You’re gonna have to, you know, Polish it up a little bit. And it looks like they’re doing that. Yeah. I think I saw that the budget for the Snyder cut was $70 million, which is a lot of money. So it’s good to know that they put it to use. I think.

So we also get to see somebody that was supposed to be in the movie, but we didn’t see them originally. So weird Darkseid. Yeah. Like it makes total sense. When you think about it, that, why was he not in the theatrical release of the movie? Did they cut them out? Did they? Yeah.

They cut them out. Steppenwolf did not have a backstory. We had no idea really why he was there. What irritated him? Why did the mommy boxes call him? We have no idea. But we had that little quick backstory of the war where all the heroes had a fight them in previous times. But it didn’t tell us much.

No, no. And I think this whole idea that he’s cast out from being Darkseid, Lieutenant, and he’s trying to prove himself by taking the earth when they failed the last time, it makes total sense to me like, Oh, I need to do something good to get my job back as an evil villain, it makes total sense. So much better. It also looks like we’re going to get some backstory.

It looks like we’re going to see Victor Stone before he turns into Cyborg. Maybe he’s out there on the field playing football. Hopefully we’ll find out more of the backstory besides that he was created from one of those moms. Yeah. It’s a Jedi Holocron cube yeah. Like a jumbo one. And it looks like his dad gets vaporized. So that’s different. I thought the dad was captured by Steppenwolf and down in the little thing was he? Yeah. And he remember

He went and he was going to rescue me. He’s like dad. And then he calls out that that’s his dad That must’ve been reshot because clearly in the trailer he looks like he was vaporized. Ooh, Just different and a little more interesting. I think you got to give the superheroes that tragic backstory that makes them want to be a hero. And also it looks like we’re going to see a little bit more of The Flash, which is good. And we’re going to see some Iris. Yeah. He saves Iris in the trailer. She’s pretty cool. 

I’m most excited for black suited Superman. I just think that black is the new superhero outfit. I don’t know what to say. I like it on Spider-Man. I like it on Superman 2 After he died in Batman vs. Superman and his suit was destroyed. Right. Because I mean a big, big thing on his chest and everything. And the second guess he had to go shopping for a new suit. Well, I think his little ship can make him anything he wants. Maybe he just needed an upgrade. Now we talked a little bit about seeing joker and Zack Snyder talked about having that filmed after the fact I’m interested to see how that works. I think it’s just going to be a, an add on to the vision that Batman has. I think that’s what it’s going to be Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I’m interested to see it too, because may makes sense that that’s the Joker that should be in that Batman’s timeline. Jared, let him his joker from suicide squad, but he kind of looks a little different, but I guess we’ll find out. Yeah. Are you worried that this movie is going to be much too close to the one we just saw? Even if it is a lot, like it, we watched the video where he’s talking about adding in like the little effects, so, Oh right.

I remember like the Trident and it has like the sparkle and then like says Justice League and sparkles. So it kind of draws your eye in and like, you’ll see, I think it was Steppenwolf. He had that ax and he was swinging it in instead of like, just like, boom. It was like just the effects and everything. I think that Snyder puts into the extra thought of that stuff. I think that’s what is going to make it a lot different. Even if it is the same scenes and hopefully the story will flow better.

Yeah. I also think that it, because it’s rated R it’s going to be more gritty. Like it’s going to be more real. Yeah. I mean, people are going to say bad words probably going to happen. Yeah. People are going to do it, but supposedly there’s 2.5 hours of net new footage we have not seen.

Wow. That’s a lot. Wow. That’s like, how long is it? Four hours. Yeah. More than half. So I’m excited. I’m excited about that. So what’s one thing that they could do in the Snyder Cut for you that would make the movie amazing. Like just one thing that you’re hoping to see. That’s different. I think if Wonder Woman gets more screen time, I’d be pretty happy. I’m looking forward to a lot of the stuff that we just talked about. Yeah. For me, I really think that I want to see the flash do more. Like if I can see the flash, like throw lightning, I think that’d be really cool. You know, the flash, he really didn’t get to show any of his powers. It really looked like it was really early in his development of powers and he hadn’t figured them all out.

Yep. Yeah. I think not having The Flash movie, like we said before really hurts. 0 Yeah. But I think if we get to see more of The Flash than I’m going to give it the seal of approval, it’s like when Spider-Man makes it to the Avengers eventually like you’re like, yes, that’s what I want for the flash. I want them to be like an equal participant. You think we’re going to see the hall of justice intact? That’s something, I guess. The table like we saw in arrow verse.

Yeah. Cause we see it all crumbled in the end of the movie where we see Bruce and Diana was Alford there too. And they were all going through Wayne Manor and you know, saying, Hey, we need to set up the table here for six people. And Diana says something like, but we can add more. I like it. Hopefully we’ll see that. Awesome.

Anything else you want to say? I’m looking forward to the Snyder Cut. Yeah. I think the more we’re talking about it, the more hyped up I get and I don’t know, it’s DC Comics content. So I think I’ll be happy even though DC hasn’t had the best. I still like it. Yeah. I mean even mediocre movies about superheroes are still superhero movies. Yeah.

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