Month: November 2019

28. The Dragon Prince: We Love It!

Do you like Avatar: The Last Airbender? Do you like animated shows that are kid-friendly but have depth and humor that adults can enjoy? Check out The Dragon Prince on Netflix! In this episode, we talk about how The Dragon Prince is such a well-made fantasy show and why everyone should watch it. *Minor spoilers!

27. Stargate: A Crash Course

Chevron 1, encoded! In today’s episode, we give you a Crash Course on the Stargate Franchise, from the 1994 movie, to the shows, to comics, to the Stargate Command app. Chevron 7, locked!

26. Prepare for The Rise of Skywalker

The Skywalker Saga is coming to an end. How do we prepare? In this episode, we discuss what to watch and read to fully enjoy Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We also discuss what we know about Episode IX, some popular theories, and what questions we want answered before the Saga ends.

25. The Mandalorian on Disney Plus – Why Is It So Interesting?

Who is The Mandalorian? WHAT is A Mandalorian? In this episode, we dive into the rich history of the Mandalorians and discover what makes this show on Disney+ so interesting. Spoilers for the first two episodes!

Pokemon Sword or Shield?

Should you get Pokemon Sword or Shield? The Pokemon franchise is known for releasing two companion games at the same time.

What We’re Most Excited to Watch on Disney+

Disney+ has launched! Here is what we’re most looking forward to watching.

24. The Flash Comics Crash Course

Comic spoiler alert! Jay Garrick? Barry Allen? Wally West? They’re all here! This episode of FanDummies will help navigate The Flash comic universe (multi-verse?) from the Golden Age to Rebirth.

A Fan’s Guide to The Walking Dead Fandom

The Walking Dead, since first seeing it on television way back on Halloween 2010, has captivated me with every moment, every plot twist and every story arc. There is very little about the show and the universe that is still unknown to me. This articles is my guide to the The Walking Dead Fandom.

23. The Flash CW Speedster Talk

This week is all about the Fastest Man Alive! In this episode, we discuss the CW’s The Flash, how it fits into the Arrowverse, and what we like about the show. Stay tuned for our next episode, in which we’ll dive into The Flash comics.

22. Supergirl Comics Crash Course

A crash course in Supergirl Comics. Comic spoiler alert! Do you know the origins of Supergirl? Who is Linda Lee? What the heck is Midvale high school? Supergirl dies? This episode of FanDummies will help navigate the Supergirl comic universe from the Silver Age to Rebirth. Put on your big person cape, it’s Supergirl mania on FanDummies.