5 Parks and Recreation Easter Eggs in The Good Place

Parks and Recreation and The Good Place possibly are two of the best comedy TV shows out there. They include gender, ethnicity and LGBT+ representation, teach us valuable life lessons and overall, they make us have a great time and forget about our problems for 20 minutes.

We love The Good Place so much we talked about it in one of our podcast episodes. Have you listened to it? If not check it out HERE.

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When two shows have the same creator, in this case the great Michael Schur, we can expect to find at least a couple of hidden Easter Eggs, which of course happens here, as we can find at least 5 Parks and Rec Easter Eggs in The Good Place so much so that we can even raise this question: Are Parks and Rec and The Good Place in the same shared universe?

There are a couple of Easter Eggs that are easily noticeable, but only a true sharp-eyed fan of both shows will notice the first two Easter Eggs we are presenting here:

5. The Paunch Burger

Courtesy of NBC

Remember ‘The Paunch Burger’? Maybe it would help you if I called it the ‘restaurant with the insanely big drinks from Parks and Rec’.

Well, in The Good Place’s 3×02, after Janet gets her powers back and everything she summoned on Earth starts showing up, we can actually see that she tried to summon a ‘’regular’’ sized Paunch Burger drink!

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

In this same episode, we can see, in a photo courtesy of NBC’s Ron Batzdorff, that the restaurant where “The Brain-y Bunch” are eating actually has a burger called ‘Paunch Burger’.

These two Easter Eggs may not be super noticeable, but they sure are fascinating once you realize they are there!

4. The Pit

This one is more visible but you may have not noticed it at all. In The Good Place’s 3×05, when Michael, Tahani Al-Jamil and Jason Mendoza go to Donkey Doug’s place in Florida, you can see a sign that reads ‘’DANGER: OPEN PIT’’, which may be a reference to the pit in which Andy Dwyer lived for some time near Ann Perkins’ house.

Courtesy of NBC

3. Jean-Ralphio’s Champagne Line

Jean-Ralphio Saperstein was one of the funniest and most chaotic characters in Parks and Rec, but did you know he also had a champagne line? In 2015, during the first part of the final episode of the show, we can see Craig Middlebrooks and Typhoon at a luxurious submarine cruise and they are drinking from a champagne bottle labeled ‘’Jean Ralphio’’.

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

Three years later, in The Good Place’s season 2 finale, we can see Eleanor reading a magazine that has an advertisement for Jean-Ralphio’s champagne.

2. Dennis Feinstein's Perfume

Dennis Feinstein is the most famous fragrance maker in Parks and Rec’s Pawnee.

Courtesy of NBC

Portrayed by Jason Mantzoukas, who’s been a part of The Good Place too as Derek, who was created by Janet in 2×07, is the protagonist of one of the most visible Parks and Rec Easter Eggs. We all love Jason and his unusual characters so we were thrilled to watch the beginning of 1×12, which shows Eleanor Shellstrop reading a magazine that promoted ‘Glyde’, one of Dennis Feinstein’s perfumes.

Courtesy of NBC

1. Swanson Safe Company

I’m sure you all remember how Jason Mendoza died: he suffocated inside a safe in his attempt of robbing a Mexican restaurant.

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC

He got inside a safe and he almost died because it was so well made and so sealed that not even air could come inside. This safe must have been made by someone who truly knows their business, and yes, it was made by none other than Ron Swanson.

Did we miss any?

Now that you know that all these Parks and Rec Easter Eggs exist in The Good Place’s world, I encourage you to look for them the next time you are rewatching the show!

Let us know in the comments if we missed any. We love to look for easter eggs in our favorite shows!

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