74. The Expanse Season 2 Wraps Up Leviathan Wakes

In this episode we continue our deep dive into the universe of The Expanse and discuss Season 2! We talk about the new characters introduced, what’s happening with the Protomolecule, and more!

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00:01:07 Where Season 1 Left Off
00:02:41 Where Season 2 Picks Up
00:04:36 Eros is Headed Toward Earth
00:10:27 Bobbie Draper and Mars vs. Earth
00:17:56 Patreon
00:18:17 Other Big Developments in Season 2
00:19:50 Memorable Moments for Jessica
00:22:50 Prax Meng and the Search for His Daughter
00:25:45 The End of the Season

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