97. Stargirl Season 1 the New New Justice Society of America

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Today we are going to talk about season 1 of Stargirl. First we are going to talk about the new Justice Society of America members (JSA), the Injustice Society of America (ISA) members, we are going to discuss what we liked and then speculate about what we might see in season 2. We have a new segment, we are going to unbox two packages that arrived this week. For our Patrons we are doing something new, we have a preshow for you.

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(00:04:06) Season 1
(00:04:56) The New New Justice Society of America (JSA)
(00:10:40) Injustice Society of America (ISA)
(00:10:11) The Timer Turner: Harry Potter In-Depth
(00:22:42) Sign-up to FanDummies Patreon 
(00:24:23) What happens in the Last Episode of Season 1
(00:28:11) What We Thought
(00:31:57) Speculate Next Season