98. Lucifer has an American Twin Named Mike in Season 5 Part 1

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This week we are talking about Lucifer Season 5 part 1. We talk about what has happened so far, the new characters, what we liked and didn’t like, and speculate on what’s to come with Season 5 part two and season 6. 

There will be spoilers!

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(00:00:00) Intro
(00:04:21) Lucifer overview
(00:05:22) Lucifer Season 5 Plot
(00:08:22) The New Characters
(00:14:35) The part 1 finale!
(00:17:24) The best Patreon ad you have ever heard.
(00:19:35) What we liked and didn’t like. Lucifer Season 5 part 1 review
(00:27:15) Season 5.2 and Season 6 speculation
(00:33:33) Homework