A Fan’s Guide to The Walking Dead Fandom

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The Walking Dead, since first seeing it on television way back on Halloween 2010, has captivated me with every moment, every plot twist and every story arc. There is very little about the show and the universe that is still unknown to me. That being said, I am a huge fan of the cinematic universe rather than the comic universe.

What is wonderful about the fandom to me is the extent to which it has grown and how many mediums TWD content and TWD stories are now told in. When it comes to nerding out over the franchise, you are talking to the right person (even held the #1 spot for The Walking Dead trivia on the popular quiz app QuizUp for The Walking Dead TV show quizzes). I love the universe and almost everything about it! That is why I have prepared a ‘crash course’ of resources to get you started in the fandom or even further you interests with it.

The Walking Dead Wiki

The first awesome thing I want to get into is The Walking Dead Wiki. This is by far the most in-depth, comprehensive source of information for all things related to The Walking Dead. The wiki is my number one recommendation for fans of both the TV show and comics to read into characters, fun trivia knowledge, and even to read deeper into the lore of the world. The wiki fandom had been built by fans to incorporate almost everything you would need to know about the primary TV show, and spin offs such as Fear The Walking Dead, books based around TWD universe, video games about the universe, the comics and so on. If you ever had a walking dead related question, I would be very surprised if you could not find the answer tucked away in the pages of the fan built Wikipedia.

Online Forums

My next mention goes to the various online forums for The Walking Dead. I say various as different forums around the internet have been set up for specific purposes. The first that is worth a mention is the forum board ‘Roamers and Lurkers‘ that features discussions on everything related to the universe. With sub-forums for the original TV show, Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead comics, and even a section for fanfiction; it is certainly worth a browse for fans of the universe like me (and you!). With over 11,000 members and 380,000 posts on the site, there is plenty to read and plenty to talk about with other Dead Heads! Another forum board worth a mention is for all the gamers out there; the Telltale forums for TWD Telltale games. If you are a fond lover of TWD telltale games, then this is the place for you!


Moving on to other media-based sites, YouTube is a great place to explore the fandom further and connect with other fans. My first recommendation for TWD’s YouTube community is the YouTube channel Skybound. Skybound, for those who don’t know, are the people behind The Walking Dead, and they have an official YouTube channel. On the channel, you can find teasers for newer episodes coming out as well as entertaining fan reactions to popular TWD episodes. Other notable TWD YouTubers are; Trevschan2, MOVIEIdol, EmergencyAwesome, MakeAPathPresents, and Katie O’shaughnessy. These channels bring you tons of content such as fan theories, reactions to episodes, general chats about the show and characters, and even the latest news on TWD updates.

Telltale Games

Having briefly mentioned Telltale’s games, I feel they are worth more than a sentence or two! The telltale games are set in the comic universe and when delving into the fandom you will notice that there tends to be a split between the comic and TV universe. The games tell the story of Clementine, a girl growing up in the apocalypse. They not only form their own story but build off of the main comic book storyline. I have only delved into the comics briefly and despite this, thoroughly enjoyed the games. Certainly worth a look if you are a gamer!

Here is a link to Buy the Game: https://amzn.to/32BIeHA


In terms of other media associated to the walking dead universe, avid readers will be pleased to know the novels based in TWD universe exist! There are a total of nine official novels that have been published for TWD universe. I have yet to make my way through them but more information about them can be found (like stated) on TWD Wikipedia pages.

Below are some book which look interesting.


Overall, the walking dead fandom is huge and it has only grown since Andrew Lincoln shuffled onto our screens all those years ago. I have certainly enjoyed my time browsing the Wikipedia and watching all kinds of content on YouTube related to my favorite show. Now, if you didn’t already, you have a starting point! Get stuck in!

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