15. Another Walking Dead Spinoff? Do We Care?

In part two of Walking Dead week, we discuss Fear the Walking Dead, the upcoming Rick Grimes movies, and the new spinoff.

Listen to part one about the original Walking Dead show HERE!

00:01:20 Fear the Walking Dead Seasons 1-5 Recap (spoilers!)
00:27:31 Rick Grimes movies starring Andrew Lincoln
00:31:42 Rumors of a Negan movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan
00:33:28 The Walking Dead spinoff, tentatively titled We Are the Endlings

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Erin [00:00:25] Love that Tik Tok.

Jessica [00:00:26] It’s something.

Greg [00:00:29] Exactly. On today’s episode, it is part two of Walking Dead week. Well, we’re going to talk about Walking Dead adjacent. We’re going to talk about Fear the Walking Dead. We’re going to talk about the new Rick Grimes movie. We’re going to talk about the spin off, which we think is called “We are the End Endings”. But we’ll get into that. We’re going to talk about General Walking Dead adjacencies. It’s gonna be fun.

Greg [00:00:56] So buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride because the walkers don’t use the crosswalk. I’m your host, Greg. I’m Erin. And I’m Jessica.

Greg [00:01:16] And that’s how we start podcasts. So let’s start off with. Fear The Walking Dead. I was really excited about this show coming out and I think it was going to fill that gap that Walking Dead was leaving. Right.

Greg [00:01:35] Its new people, its new experiences. It’s a new area. What do they start out in, like Los Angeles, right?

Jessica [00:01:43] Yeah, a completely different area.

Greg [00:01:45] Yeah, a completely different area. And there was a lot of public help. At first it seemed like there were places.

Erin [00:01:51] It was right when the apocalypse started.

Greg [00:01:54] Well, yeah. Because the National Guard was trying to help people who had camps. And it was before everything like really broke down.

Erin [00:02:00] In The Walking Dead. We don’t actually see the apocalypse start is already happening. When Rick wakes up.

Greg [00:02:06] Yeah, that’s why I don’t think that’s what that’s what’s weird because.

Greg [00:02:11] I think you’re supposed to think that Rick has been in the coma for a while. In the hospital that the apocalypse had been going on for some time. When he would have died because he’d had no food or water but in fear, The Walking Dead. It’s from the very beginning.

Jessica [00:02:32] Yeah.

Greg [00:02:32] What’s the first walker they went into? Do you remember?

Jessica [00:02:35] Well, I remember that both two of the main characters, Nick and Alisha, are brother and sister and Nick’s girlfriend turns and Alicia’s boyfriend also turns.

Greg [00:02:47] Right. Cause Nick was he’s a druggie. And I think she overdosed while they were in that church. That.

Jessica [00:02:53] It could be. It sounds right.

Greg [00:02:55] So, OK, let’s just start from the very, very beginning.

Greg [00:02:58] Season 1, what happens in this season 1? Los Angeles zombies. Where are they going? Like, what are they doing?

Jessica [00:03:06] Well, you know, people around them just start to die and start to reanimate and no one knows what’s going on.

Jessica [00:03:12] And it centers around this family. The mom is Madison and her kids are Nick and Alisha.

Jessica [00:03:21] And she is somewhat recently married to Travis, who has a son, Chris, from his previous marriage as well. So it’s like this blended family. It seems like there’s drama going on and they’re still getting used to him like life as sure as one family. And then all of a sudden, they’re just thrown into this.

Greg [00:03:39] Because they’re teenagers and.

Jessica [00:03:40] Yeah. Next. Yeah. And I don’t even know that the kids get along that well, though. Who would really get along with Chris. No one.

Greg [00:03:48] Yeah.

Jessica [00:03:49] He’s a pain. He is such a pain. And then they end up having to leave their home because it’s not safe but they try to stick it out at home didn’t they, for a while.

Jessica [00:03:58] I think so.

Greg [00:03:58] And they remember because they went and checked on the neighbor in the neighborhood zombified.

Jessica [00:04:02] Mm hmm.

Erin [00:04:04] That’s one thing that I always question about apocalyptic chosen movies, if something bad were to really happen, is the safest thing to leave your house? Or is it safer to, like hunker down in your neighborhood where you live? And, you know,.

Greg [00:04:19] Why does everyone everybody just leave?

Erin [00:04:21] I don’t get it. Like, where are you going to go?

Jessica [00:04:24] I think maybe it has to do with the place where they choose to stay just becomes unsafe. Like everyone around them is turning not a major city and they just don’t have a choice anymore.

Greg [00:04:35] Yeah, yeah. That’s one reason I did like this show. We actually stopped watching it after, I think Season 3.

Erin [00:04:42] Just me and you.

Jessica [00:04:43] Yeah, I watched the thing.

[00:04:45] Yeah. Ha. I liked in the beginning, you know where you could. The National Guard was like Xingu Houses.

Jessica [00:04:51] Right.

Greg [00:04:51] Check this house. This house has dead people like. Check this house, you know.

Erin [00:04:55] Make sure everyone is safe.

Greg [00:04:57] Yeah. It’s kind of like what they would do. Like in a flood zone, like they mark the houses, they’ve checked. I can’t imagine that this disaster would be any different,.

Erin [00:05:06] Especially because it didn’t really even understand it. Mm hmm.

Jessica [00:05:09] What I remember most about Season 1 is that I wasn’t becoming as attached to these characters as I was to the ones on Walking Dead proper.

Greg [00:05:19] Same.

Jessica [00:05:20] Maybe. Maybe I wasn’t ready for a spin off. Or maybe they just weren’t developed yet. Well, even as they developed, they didn’t like them as much as Walking Dead proper.

Greg [00:05:31] Now, what’s the mom’s name again?

Jessica [00:05:32] Madison.

Greg [00:05:33] Madison. Like she always rubbed me wrong.

Jessica [00:05:35] Me too.

Greg [00:05:35] Like her? Like her personality. I’m sure it was the writing. I’m sure she’s a very nice person in real life. But the but the character was really abrasive. I didn’t like Travis that much either until later. I liked them a little more.

Erin [00:05:49] It wasn’t like Madison was like all about saving her kids. She was very mom, like, I guess so. I mean, I guess during the apocalypse, you would be like, save your family first.

Jessica [00:06:01] Yeah. I mean, I don’t. Everybody’s like that pretty much.

Erin [00:06:04] So that’s kind of like her. But then Travis was just kind of the guy there that kind of went along with it.

Greg [00:06:09] It seemed like it was like this weird family where Madison was dominant over him to the point where he. His character suffered like they didn’t have like she had the personality of both of them that maybe.

Erin [00:06:21] Yes, or maybe. And she couldn’t control her kids because Nick had drug issues. He was addicted to drugs.

Greg [00:06:28] And Alicia felt like she was parenting.

Erin [00:06:30] Yeah. So as it was, they had a hard time getting along as a family to begin with.

Jessica [00:06:36] Nick had a weird just a weird reaction to everything in the apocalypse because it was like he was already dead anyway. Being a drug user and it was just this really odd dichotomy like you just didn’t care.

Greg [00:06:51] He had no fear of dying in fear of the actors or I liked the “Nick” character a lot. I thought that it that it was interesting. I thought seeing him go through is his trouble. I think it was more “real life”. Like though, I think fear really, really was more real because you have real people with real problems. He made this guy addicted to the narcotics of some kind, like heroin. I think you know, if. The zombie apocalypse was to happen. There’s gonna be millions of people that are in that situation, and I think, you know, I think they could have done a little bit better there. But I like that they attacked it. Right. I tried to do something with that.

Jessica [00:07:31] And I really liked his character growth. Well, yes. Yeah. I mean, once there were no drugs to be had, then he was able to wrap his head around what was going on and be helpful and won a fight for the group. And I really liked where his character ended up and I liked him the most. Right before he died.

Greg [00:07:51] Oh, yeah. He was really loyal to that. That girlfriend him. Yeah. Luciano was a resident of La Colonia Colonia where she was, which is a combination of recruiter and supply runner for the community. She led the group that rescued Nick Clark.

Jessica [00:08:05] Mm-hmm. Yep. And then they fell in love.

Greg [00:08:10] Oh, again, when we get into season two, fear looks at things that the fans were always like yelling about. Like, how many times online did you see just get on a boat? Walkers can’t swim. Yeah, just get on a boat.

Erin [00:08:27] Oh, they can swim.

Greg [00:08:29] Well, they can float.

Erin [00:08:29] Because they never die and they just come out of the water.

Jessica [00:08:33] That’s true. I think we’ve seen them at the bottom of rivers and stuff.

Greg [00:08:36] They are like data. They just, you know, from Star Trek the Next Generation. They just go to the bottom and walk along the bottom of the water.

Jessica [00:08:42] Yeah.

Erin [00:08:42] Yeah. Freaky.

Greg [00:08:43] They literally walk our water.

Jessica [00:08:46] But yeah. They get on a boat.

Greg [00:08:48] Yeah. They have strands boat.

Greg [00:08:50] Not just a boat. Which I disliked Strand from the very early in.

Jessica [00:08:56] Oh, I liked Strand. I just thought, I just thought there’s something about this guy that is not right.

Erin [00:09:02] You don’t know if you can trust him right away.

Jessica [00:09:03] That’s true.

Greg [00:09:04] He just seemed real shady.

Erin [00:09:05] Yeah, he is.

Jessica [00:09:06] He is shady. But I took that as more mysterious rather than shady. But it turns out, you know, he’s pretty selfish throughout the series.

Greg [00:09:15] He is completely selfish.

Jessica [00:09:17] Yeah.

Greg [00:09:17] I mean all he’s wanted to do. I mean rightly so. He’s trying to get to his significant other which I mean how could any of us have any other motivation. Right. I mean it’s the apocalypse. You’re separated from the one you love him to stay in one place. Erin. I’m coming for you.

Jessica [00:09:37] Well, she doesn’t even want to leave home anyway. And I’m not I wasn’t making a dig. I was talking about how you said, why would you leave your house in your pocket?

Erin [00:09:44] Yeah.

Greg [00:09:45] Now, I’m gonna have to add big sheets of plywood to my pepper bags so we can board up the windows.

Erin [00:09:51] Yeah. What are you guys telling people? We’re all going to be.

Greg [00:09:55] Oh, true. no one will be here.

Erin [00:09:57] With my gold, my guns, my food, and my water.

Jessica [00:10:01] If everybody turns into zombies around us, they’re not going to know anyway. I know, brain. And I mean, they have a brain, but they don’t have the ability to think.

Erin [00:10:08] I’m going to get lots of Twinkies and some giant cans of chocolate pudding and cheese.

Jessica [00:10:14] A crazy cheese.

Erin [00:10:15] Crazy, Cheese.

Greg [00:10:16] Oh, yeah. So good.

Greg [00:10:18] So the boat thing I think was pretty interesting. So they head down, they headed down to Mexico and that kind of gets us into Season 3. Where they go to the Brooke Jar Ranch.

Erin [00:10:28] You missed the best part of Season 2 one.

Greg [00:10:32] Tell us.

Erin [00:10:32] The pirates.

Greg [00:10:34] Oh, right. Yeah. The big bad was the pirates.

Jessica [00:10:37] There was one of one of the the major antagonists.

Erin [00:10:41] Yeah. It was a couple guys that were pirates because they tricked you.

Greg [00:10:44] They tricked you by lure your aunt Larry.

Erin [00:10:47]  Who played one of the pirates? Jessica?

Jessica [00:10:48] Jesse McCartney did.

Greg [00:10:50] Who is that?

Jessica [00:10:51] He’s a he’s a pop star

Greg [00:10:53] Is he a Backstreet Boy?

Jessica [00:10:54] No, he was in a group called Dream Street, but now he’s a solo artist and he sings Beautiful Soul and he’s great.

Erin [00:11:03] If you heard some of the songs you’d probably be like, Oh Yea.

Jessica [00:11:04] You would know.

Greg [00:11:05] [Sings]Back Streets back all right!

Jessica [00:11:07] He wasn’t in that group. Oh, but anyway. Well, I thought you were gonna say that was when Chris died. That was the highlight.

Greg [00:11:14] Yeah, right. I mean, listen, this is this is this season is so opposite of the Walking Dead.

Greg [00:11:21] Like when Travis died, I thought, oh, my God. Like, did they? They must have gotten my email.

Jessica [00:11:27] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Greg [00:11:30] I mean it’s so bad.

Erin [00:11:31] Sometimes I wonder myself, did they write these characters like so you didn’t like them an were like they are never gonna make it. Or do you think that they actually thought that we would like the characters like us. Well I wonder these things.

Greg [00:11:43] I totally cheered for the walkers. Oh my God. Alicia’s hiding behind that car. She’s hiding right there. Oh, stupid Walker.

Erin [00:11:51] What do they call the walkers.

Jessica [00:11:53] Infected? Yeah, the infected. I mean, I didn’t like really any of them at the beginning then as they progressed. I like Nick. I liked Alicia and I liked Strand. Yeah. Yeah. Alicia and Strand are still around.

Jessica [00:12:06] Which is nice because they got rid of all the ones I didn’t like.

Greg [00:12:10] And they picked up Morgan, right. 

Jessica [00:12:12] And also the new kid. We’ll get to get to this later.

Erin [00:12:16] Okay. So spoiler.

Greg [00:12:17] So they go to the Brooke Joel ranch and that’s where they meet the Addams Family Auto Family.

Jessica [00:12:22] And there’s, you know, the dad is the king is awesome for running. Yeah. He’s like running the ranch. And his two sons are interesting. And the one son is played by Isaac from Teen Wolf. And he was the creepy ass creepiest dude. I swear he had a crush on Madison. And it was just it’s really hard to watch.

Erin [00:12:47] Yeah, I think it was more of like he didn’t have a mom, so he’d look at her as a mom, but also as a love interest at the same time where she kind of I feel like she kind of trusted him. But she was crazy in her own mind. So I think I think she was taken advantage of.

Greg [00:13:04] I think Madison knows how to control crazy

Jessica [00:13:07] Yeah, they were like in a feud with the Black Hat Reservation, which was close. And they were led by Taca Walker. His last name was Walker, which is funny. But those two groups really created the main drama for this season.

Erin [00:13:26] Yeah, they. The Black Hat Reservation, one of the ranch. Right. That was the whole because the ranch has like a huge bunker of supplies. It’s going to last them like years.

Greg [00:13:36] And I think access to water. Yeah. Other things. And it was originally that it was originally their, their native Land or whatever.

Erin [00:13:44] So. Yeah, yeah. That too. Yeah. But they destroyed it all.

Jessica [00:13:47] Yeah. Yeah. Everything gets destroyed.

Greg [00:13:49] Yeah. So one of the things that I thought was interesting about the ranch is that Troy was like the general of their army where they would recruit the people that wanted to fight for the ranch and they would dress up in fatigues and they had military vehicles and they would go out and scout for food and do different things. And they didn’t have a helicopter? They had a helicopter. Pretty sure they had like a military helicopter.

Erin [00:14:13] Yeah, because they used to get shot down by the reservation.

Jessica [00:14:16] Yes. And that’s when Travis was on the helicopter.

Erin [00:14:21] He get shot on the helicopter.

Greg [00:14:24] All right. So season four. So the ranch obviously is walking dead. So the ranch doesn’t last. You know, it’s the standard “we’re at one new place every season”. And we go to the Texas Diamond Baseball Stadium and it looks like the perfect place to move into because it’s got fortified walls. Yeah, it’s got enough baseball dirt that they can do farming and things like that. They have a hard time farming. But what happens is, is they run into the vultures.

Jessica [00:14:58] Yeah, the vultures come to them. Yeah.

Erin [00:15:01] They wait outside. Yes. It is creepy and they like do crazy things.

Greg [00:15:06] Well they sent in that girl.

Jessica [00:15:08] Yeah.

Greg [00:15:08] Remember Charlie, the Infiltrator.

Erin [00:15:13] Yeah so sneaky. Yeah. Madison. Like they take her in like as a daughter almost like they give her a room and they’re all happy to have her and she’s all sweet like Lydia.

Greg [00:15:24] Right, and she reports back to the vultures. And then she runs out of the stadium and into the motor home.

Erin [00:15:33] That’s got to feel bad.

Greg [00:15:34] I was like, oh, no, I guess. Did we ever see whatever happened to the vultures?

Erin [00:15:40] No, me and you didn’t.

Greg [00:15:41] Do you know what happened to the vultures, Jessica?

Jessica [00:15:45] They got taken care of.

Greg [00:15:47] Yeah, it was a fast forward craziness.

Erin [00:15:51] It was like time jumping?

Greg [00:15:52] Yeah, I don’t ever know what it ended up happening. I don’t know if we watched the past.

Jessica [00:15:57] Yeah. Well, Nick, dying was a big game-changer for the group, but that’s also, I think, the introduction of al and her truck. She comes in,.

Erin [00:16:09] Well, they ride around in that truck looking for the vultures.

[00:16:13] I just specifically remember them getting attacked right after Nick died and they all get in the truck and she uses the big guns on the side to take care of whatever it is. Yeah. So Al is part of the group at this point. I like her a lot. She’s still around.

Erin [00:16:31] Yeah. She’s the she’s the reporter. REPORTER. She will record. Yeah. What was the big question she would ask everybody?

Greg [00:16:40] Tell me your sto

Erin [00:16:41] Tell me your story.

Greg [00:16:42] Yeah. She wanted everybody’s story. How they got to where they’re at.

Jessica [00:16:46] Yeah. Her entire motivation is figuring out what happened.

Greg [00:16:50] Yeah. I hate backstory. She loves it.

Jessica [00:16:54] Yeah, exactly.

Erin [00:16:55] Then she keep asking Morgan like what his back story was and he was like, I’m not telling.

Jessica [00:17:00] Maybe there’s an episode later.

Greg [00:17:02] Yeah. He’s like I found this stick and then I was here.

Jessica [00:17:07] I met a man called Rick Grimes.

Greg [00:17:09] So that’s where we start. Tell us about the rest of this show, Jessica

Jessica [00:17:12] There’s also another big old truck that’s driven by these two that I think are adopted siblings or they think of each other as siblings and their names are Wendell and Sarah. Wendell is in a wheelchair in real life and in the show. And it’s just a really interesting way of showing people, you know, dealing with the apocalypse because you think somebody like him wouldn’t survive that long. But then he has Sarah, who has his back this whole time. And she’s played by Mo Collins, who is the hilarious talk show host from Parks and Rec who like goes off her rocker later in the show. And she’s so funny on the show, she’s she’s like Abraham and that she has these like off color lines. And it’s just great.

Erin [00:17:58] Wait, who is she in Parks and Rec?

Jessica [00:17:59] She’s the talk show host where I don’t know if you saw you’d be like, oh, but yeah, she’s really, really funny. And these are some of the characters that I think really make the show better as it goes.

Greg [00:18:15] So you think it’s getting better?

Jessica [00:18:16] Yes, I do.

Greg [00:18:18] We’ll see.

Jessica [00:18:19] Yeah. You shouldn’t jump back in.

Greg [00:18:21] We’ll see when we play the game.

Erin [00:18:23] I kinda want to.

Jessica [00:18:24] OK. Well, I could be wrong, but then at this point they are coming across these boxes on the highway that say take what you need, leave what you don’t. And they’re thinking to themselves, well, somebody out there is helping people and we want to be a part of that, too. So there’s people like talking to them on the radio. They’re like, who are you? We want to help all those kinds of stuff. And one of the major antagonists in the second part of season four is this woman named Martha, who’s also known as the filthy woman. Because…

Greg [00:18:54] She is dirty?

Jessica [00:18:56] She’s dirty.

Erin [00:18:58] She has a stinky left foot?

Jessica [00:18:59] Yeah. I mean, she’s just covered in dirt and she doesn’t care. And she has a tragic backstory. I mean, you know, like everybody else, something happened in the apocalypse. She needed help and no one helped her. So now she thinks helping people makes you weak. And she just she just drives around the highways with them, antagonizing them. It’s like a wild goose chase.

Erin [00:19:20] So it’s like the people who aren’t treated well before the apocalypse are the ones that go crazy.

Greg [00:19:24] Exactly. She’s not a super-strong villain. But like I said, I like these characters more. So it makes it more interesting to me. And I think around this time was when they introduced John Dory and June and I love them.

Erin [00:19:39] I think they were on when we watched it in season four.

Jessica [00:19:43] Yeah, sometime in season four. I love them. I love them a lot. I love the actors. I love their love story.

Erin [00:19:51] Jenna Elfman and?

Jessica [00:19:52] Yeah. Garrett Dillon.

Greg [00:19:55] Oh right, Darma!

Jessica [00:19:56] They are so good.

Erin [00:19:58] Yeah, I was so like, “How did she get on the show”.

Jessica [00:20:02] I’m totally invested in their story.

Greg [00:20:04] Yeah it was good.

Jessica [00:20:05] Yeah. And it’s still good. It’s still good. It’s good. Mm hmm.

Erin [00:20:09] Wasn’t she. Like you couldn’t trust her first. What happened?

Jessica [00:20:13] She seemed really closed off like she’d been hurt before and didn’t want to get into a relationship. But, also she just wanted to be out on her own, like Carol or like Michonne in the comics. She just didn’t want to be around anybody. And John just softened her heart. I love it. I love it.

Greg [00:20:31] So as season five on right now?

Jessica [00:20:33] No, it ended before Walking Dead proper started. So at this point when we are recording, there has been one episode of Walking Dead proper. The season finale of Fear was the week before that.

Greg [00:20:46] So I should include Season 5 in my tomato meter game.

Jessica [00:20:52] Yes. OK. Because that is the full season. And in season 5, they end up going to a warehouse, which is where they find Daniel Salazar, who is still alive. Remember him?

Greg [00:21:06] He got in the fire?

Jessica [00:21:08] He’s still alive.

Erin [00:21:10] So, yeah. No, we saw him like later on. He was at the dam.

Jessica [00:21:14] Oh, is he OK? Maybe. We thought we probably thought he died again. I think.

Erin [00:21:17] OK. We thought he died, but then he showed up. I don’t remember what happened in the dam scene. 

Jessica [00:21:23] Yeah, he’s in with the main group now. Charlie is officially integrated into the group and she has a really strong bond with Daniel, like they have like a grandfather granddaughter kind of thing going on. And that’s really great. And then they continue running into these like mediocre villains. It’s like there’s this guy, Logan, who used to run like a shipping company, I think wrong. It’s a company they originally wanted to help people, but they just keep traveling up and down the highways, causing trouble, like ruining things for the main group. It’s like, no, you can’t have this. We want this. Like, they’re fighting over resources, but they want to help people. And it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Erin [00:22:08] So do they leave boxes out? And then when people stop to get it or they rob them?

Jessica [00:22:11] No, no. But they keep showing up.

Erin [00:22:14] Like, I have this watermelon but when you stop, I’m gonna take all of your stuff.

Greg [00:22:19] Is it like the watermelon on a string?

Jessica [00:22:22] Oh, yeah, something like that. Yeah. The most interesting thing about Season 5, though, is that remember how in The Walking Dead there was the helicopter with the three circles? Yep. There is a power plant near where the fear group went that has been contaminated by radiation from a power plant. And there’s this woman that they run into that is wearing a hazmat suit and taking extra care to take down all the zombies in that area. Because if they go on to bite people, I mean, there’s a whole it’s a whole new thing because they’re radioactive zombies, basically. It’s really interesting to watch. And we don’t actually know what the deal is with it, even after a whole season of it. Like there’s some other connection, too. There are connections in the Rick movie. There are connections in the spin-off. Like we’re not really quite sure what’s going on with this yet. But it’s very interesting that the zombies might have some other juice to him, you know? I don’t know.

Greg [00:23:25] Zombie juice isn’t that like a place? Something like that exists.

Erin [00:23:28] Jamba Juice.

Jessica [00:23:30] I say zombie juice. Jamba Juice. Yeah. All right.

Greg [00:23:33] Yeah. So. So do you recommend if people haven’t watched this to watch it? And do you recommend we pick it back up?

Jessica [00:23:40] I think maybe that the villains in Walking Dead proper get worse and worse as they go. Like as far as spooky ness and like effectiveness, I guess you could say the villains in Fear, The Walking Dead maybe aren’t so. I don’t know. Memorable. Yeah. Yeah. But the characters, I think really grow. And I really like the characters a lot. Unfair. Like the main characters.

Erin [00:24:02] But not big bands or like medium bands.

Jessica [00:24:04] Yeah. Yeah.

Greg [00:24:06] Let’s play the game and then we’ll move on to what’s coming. For Walking Dead. All right. Here’s the game. The rule is we have five seasons of Fear the Walking Dead. We are going to guess this time which season is rated the worst.

Erin [00:24:24] The worst?

Greg [00:24:25] OK, then see, if you listened to the last episode or earlier in the week, we played which one was the best. This time we’re going to play which ones the worst. I like to throw you off.

Erin [00:24:34] For Walking Dead or Fear?

[00:24:35] Fear, Fear The Walking Dead. We’re going to pick which season is the worst then, Aand it’s The Price is Right by the way, so closest to the pin wins. Then whoever wins, this is a double or nothing, gets to pick if it’s the audience score or the tomato meter. That is the least the worst. So it’s worst and worst. If you lose. I get negative 5. If you win, you get negative 5 on the roll for who’s the host? Sweet. Can I make sense? Everybody tracking?

Erin [00:25:10] Worst the worst.

Greg [00:25:12] Yep. Worst and worst.

Erin [00:25:13] Got it.

Greg [00:25:14] Who went first last time?

Erin [00:25:15] Jessica

Jessica [00:25:15] We just held it up and you looked.

Erin [00:25:18] That was the second part.

Greg [00:25:19] Okay.

Erin [00:25:20] Yea lets hold it up.

Greg [00:25:22] So that way you can’t play The Price is Right. You’re gonna hold it up. Hmm. Okay.

Erin [00:25:25] Hold up our fingers.

Greg [00:25:26] Okay. See, Jessica’s.

Erin [00:25:27] What are we doing?

Greg [00:25:28] Pick a season there’s only five. Five. All right. Jessica picks. Season two and Erin picks. Season three and the correct answer is season five. Really? Yeah. I knew you would be a good one.

Erin [00:25:46] Wow. That’s the last season.

Greg [00:25:49] I know. So season five is rated 55 percent.

Jessica [00:25:54] You weren’t supposed to tell us that in.

Greg [00:25:56] I’m okay because you’ve got to pick which side it’s on. Oh, OK. He’s just so you know. Season one 77, two 70, three 83, four 81, yea, five 55.

Erin [00:26:09] Is it because it’s new and no one’s reviewed it yet.

Jessica [00:26:12] I think it’s the villains. I think it’s just not the main storylines in the main antagonist aren’t as compelling and I think that’s probably it.

Greg [00:26:19] There are fewer reviewers. That is true, but not then Season four. Season four had even fewer reviewers and it’s higher. Yeah, and it’s higher. So that’s why I counted it. I even asked ahead of time if we should count it hit and we did. Okay, Erin, for a negative five points on your dice roll is 55 percent. The tomato meter or the audience score.

Erin [00:26:47] Tomato.

Greg [00:26:48] Winner. Negative five on your dice roll is the tomato meter. The audience the score is 21.

Jessica [00:27:01] Oh.

Greg [00:27:02] Yeah. That’s why I decided not to play who’s lower and lower. Wow. So I change the rules and last minute to make you pick which one was 55.

Erin [00:27:11] We will still probably watch it.

Greg [00:27:12] Yeah. So everyone hates the show. According to Rotten Tomatoes, you better get on there. Give it a good review Jessica

Jessica [00:27:21] I guess so. I should sign up for Rotten Tomatoes if we are going to keep playing this game.

Greg [00:27:25] Yeah, create a FanDummies account and people can go see where we rate it. All right. All right. I think that’s enough. Fear The Walking Dead. Let’s move into what’s coming out for The Walking Dead franchise. Yeah. Let’s start with the movies. So, you know, Rick was rescued by Jadus and they flew off in the helicopter even with the time slip. He doesn’t return, why doesn’t he? Because he’s busy film and movies.

Jessica [00:27:54] Not in world.

Greg [00:27:56] Well, obviously.

Erin [00:27:59] He’s busy building the Ricktatorship.

Greg [00:28:04] So there’s a trilogy. Apparently coming out for Rick. We’ll see if it makes it to 2 and 3. Right. Because I mean there’s definitely to be one.

Jessica [00:28:14] Yeah. Well I mean they have contracts though. It’s probably gonna happen.

Erin [00:28:19] At the movies too which are different than AMC shows.

Greg [00:28:24] Yeah. He’s a total movie quality actor.

Jessica [00:28:28] Absolutely.

Greg [00:28:29] So the first movie is gonna show Rick dealing with Jadus. and her group in Philadelphia. You know, the helicopter they took him away on is the three rings symbol. And that’s been showing up, maybe even trying to. They’ve been trying to kind of work it into the lore. There’s no release date.

Erin [00:28:45] Was he in A or B?

Jessica [00:28:47] He was a B. I think a man even changed. But right before he got picked up, Jadus called whoever on the walkie and said he’s a B.

Greg [00:28:57] But didn’t she lie?

Jessica [00:28:59] Yeah. That could have been something, too. And we don’t even know what A or B means. It could be infected and not infected. It could be a leader or follower. Like there’s a lot of theories going.

Erin [00:29:08] Yeah, right.

Greg [00:29:09] It had to be something important for me to come get him. So I’m really very, very interested in that. I feel like it’s going to feel a lot like regular walking dead, like old Walking Dead. But I just don’t I just I mean, he doesn’t even I don’t know. I think that’s the reason they had to kill Carl,.

Erin [00:29:26] Why?

Jessica [00:29:26] They didn’t have this planned when Carl wanted off.

Greg [00:29:30] Well, Carl actually wanted off the show?

Jessica [00:29:32] No, I know. I read something that said it wasn’t his decision, but I don’t know that they had this thing even planned when that happened because there is enough time in between.

Greg [00:29:43] Yeah, because of Rick. But Rick can’t do anything on his own if he if Carl was still around. That’s true. Wouldn’t it. I just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Jessica [00:29:51] Also, I don’t understand is that Andrew Lincoln left the main show supposedly at least I remember reading that he wanted to spend more time with his family. And now all of a sudden he has a three-movie contract that’s still in the Walking Dead universe, but he doesn’t want to do the show anymore.

Erin [00:30:08] I think it’s I think that they’re feeding us stuff.  Because we knew that they knew and they told us that Rick was. That was his last episode. And I think that they were just like, oh, you want spend time with his family. But then after that episode aired, was it on talking dead? Then after that, they were like, oh, no, maybe you got Ronda’d and Rick’s gonna have three movies and this stuff’s going to be out about Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick. All these Rick things.

Jessica [00:30:38] Just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

Erin [00:30:39] Yes. And you were trying to trick us. I think they’re trying to keep it hush-hush. Yeah, for a surprise.

Jessica [00:30:44] That’s probably true.

Greg [00:30:45] I mean, you never know. I mean, maybe Andrew Link wants to do movies.

Erin [00:30:49] Maybe you don’t work as much if you have to shoot a movie. I don’t know. Like to shoot all these episodes of The Walking Dead. I mean, you’re that like 20 something allies and they’re out.

Greg [00:31:00] Yeah. I mean, this is like a real job you go to every day for 10 years.

Jessica [00:31:04] And it’s long hours. It’s hot and they say its hot as hell.

Erin [00:31:08] You’re in Atlanta.

Greg [00:31:10] I’m excited. I’m going. I’ll see him.

Jessica [00:31:12] Oh, yeah, I’m definitely going to.

Greg [00:31:14] And I like him with two hands. It’s for the record.

Jessica [00:31:18] Do you think they’ll have his hand cut off in one of the movies?

Erin [00:31:22] Why?

Jessica [00:31:22] Because as a nod to the comics just for fun because they didn’t do it in the show. Maybe they’ll do it in the movies maybe.

Erin [00:31:30] So you think he’s gonna have a beard or no beard.

Greg [00:31:33] Oh, I hope he has a beard. No beard. I’m going. No beard. Beard. OK. Write down what he would say and break the tie. Beard or no beard.

Erin [00:31:40] I think he’s going to have a beard.

Greg [00:31:44] All right. So there’s also rumors of a Negan movie.

Jessica [00:31:47] Hell, yeah.

Greg [00:31:49] I want to see this so bad just because I truly believe the Negan character doesn’t know he’s bad.

Jessica [00:31:59] But as we’ve said before. If you focus on a different person, they could easily be the protagonist of their own story.

Greg [00:32:08] Right.

Erin [00:32:08] A lot of the characters, the bad characters that we are, the ones we call bad and like Walking Dead. You don’t like who do you side with? Like Negan thinks he’s leading his group and helping them live and survive during the apocalypse. But also, Rick is leading his group. So who do you believe?

Greg [00:32:26] Yeah, I mean, the reason we sided with Rick is because of a couple of things. One is Negan seemed to enjoy hurting people.

Erin [00:32:35] Oh, yeah. He likes to.

Greg [00:32:36] And he manipulated those folks to get their wives, which is a no-no.

Jessica [00:32:43] Yeah.

Greg [00:32:43] So deep down, he had to know that he was taken advantage of the system as being. In power, he was taking advantage of his power. Yeah, that’s just a no-no. But I think I think he really thought that he was saving people, that they those putting things that those people would be dead.

Erin [00:33:01] It’s a family business.

Jessica [00:33:04] That’s a Jeffrey Dean Morgan joke.

Erin [00:33:06] He because he’s the dad.

Greg [00:33:08] On Supernatural he’s the dad. Yeah. Oh, and remember that?

Jessica [00:33:11] Yep.

Erin [00:33:12] Did you see Gerard like Mary Jeffrey, Dean Morgan, and Jensen did? Urgent.

Jessica [00:33:16] Jensen and Norman Reedus both perform the ceremony of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wedding?

Greg [00:33:22] No kidding.

Erin [00:33:23] Isn’t that awesome?

Jessica [00:33:24] I would like to see Jensen and Norman Reedus standing next to each other. And that’s just great.

Greg [00:33:29] Pretty great. All right. And then and then we have a new spin-off, which we believe is called We are the Endings because in the trailer they said that at the end of it.

Erin [00:33:42] And I think now it’s like untitled.

Jessica [00:33:44] Yeah.

Greg [00:33:44] Yeah. I don’t know if it’s a work call title or the title, but it’s essentially a decade after the apocalypse and it centers around young characters who are too old to have been born during the apocalypse but know nothing else. So are like 14, 15, 13 ish. Something around that age.

Erin [00:34:01] Yeah, maybe a little or maybe a little older.

Jessica [00:34:03] And I think there’s a different group like they come across different people who are maybe in their 20s.

Erin [00:34:07] Yeah. Look like a couple that are older.

Greg [00:34:09] They’re a part of this community in Nebraska. That seems like it’s operating normal life. Like it’s very like kids have cheerleading.

Jessica [00:34:19] That really surprised me in the trailer.

Greg [00:34:21] Yeah, it’s very normal. And they think as young people do that they want more out of life than to grow up and die in this community. So they want to strike out and be their own people. One of the characters wants to go find her father. So that’s like the catalyst that says, well, yeah, I mean, if we’re gonna become the people we want to be, we need to do it outside of the city.

Erin [00:34:47] Didn’t she watch Rambo Last Blood?

Greg [00:34:50] She hasn’t watched it, I don’t think.

Erin [00:34:51] I mean, I don’t go out seeking your father.

Greg [00:34:54] It’s rated R. So, you know, they’re not old enough to see it.

Jessica [00:35:00] Rambo would have survived the apocalypse.

Greg [00:35:02] He would, yea.

Erin [00:35:02] Also, Ad Astra,  don’t go to space looking for your father. Just saying.

Jessica [00:35:10] That’s in a previous episode. If you want to go listen to that?

Greg [00:35:12] Yeah, exactly. So there’s a couple of people in this thing that you might know who they are. So they have some acting ability. It seems like the trailer is really good.

Erin [00:35:23] Fun to see up and coming actors.

Greg [00:35:26] Yeah. And it’s like, you know, it’s like you feel like Hunger Games, The Maze.

Erin [00:35:30] The hundred.

Greg [00:35:31] Yeah. It feels like that kind of show. And I’m really excited.

Erin [00:35:35] What’s the other one? I never can remember.

Greg [00:35:37] Divergent. Any comments about we are endings or anything else going on for Walking dead. Are you going? You guys gonna watch everything Walking Dead?

Erin [00:35:48] Oh, first we need to catch up on fear. Yeah. So that we can watch this new one another way. And I’m going to watch the new one because if I don’t have time to watch fear I probably don’t have time to watch the new one.

Jessica [00:35:58] I don’t know. The trailer.

Greg [00:36:00] It didn’t speak to you?

Jessica [00:36:01] It didn’t. It made it look a little more teen drama E than I was.

Erin [00:36:06] I’d like a teen drama star.

Jessica [00:36:07] I’m not sure. I usually do.

Erin [00:36:09] When Greg’s gone I watch a lot of teen drama high school movies.

Jessica [00:36:12] So I might give the first one a try and if you guys keep watching it, you guys can.

Greg [00:36:17] We can report on the podcast, how it goes.

Jessica [00:36:22] Because, you know, maybe the character growth is gonna be really good, too. You never know. Yeah.

Greg [00:36:26] Maybe its gonna be another ten-year show.

Jessica [00:36:29] That’s what I’m all about. The character growth. So if they do that then maybe I’ll be in.

Erin [00:36:33] Yeah. Well don’t worry, if you don’t like this one in a couple of years they’ll be another spin probably that you’ll probably enjoy. Just saying. Another three beauties. It’ll be like a Darryl vs Glen. First thing I make the Negan movies. They’ll be like three or four and then they’ll make the Darryl movie and the dog will still be in it. Yeah.

Greg [00:36:53] Yeah. It’ll be walking dead for a decade from now. Will still be talking Walking Dead.

Jessica [00:36:57] I mean, between superheroes and Walking Dead franchises. It’s like they’re trying to plan the rest of my life.

Greg [00:37:04] We’ll take it. We need you to know, we need podcast episodes, so bring it on.

Jessica [00:37:09] Yeah, that’s true.

Erin [00:37:10] I like the Walking Dead franchise.

Greg [00:37:12] Me too.

Erin [00:37:13] Yeah, a lot. It’s one of my favorites.

Greg [00:37:16] Awesome. Thanks for listening. That was part two of our two-part Walking Dead series, Walking Dead Week. Go to your favorite podcast platform and leave us a review. If you do, take a screenshot of it, share it on social media and tag FanDummies and we’ll send you a shirt. And the shirts are awesome. They say fan dummies on them, which I mean, how could you get better than that?

Jessica [00:37:40] Starry eyes are fun.

Greg [00:37:41] Starry eyes are fun. And it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. We’ll send it to you anywhere. Sweet. You can find us on all social media platforms, including tik tok As FanDummies. Also, check out fan dot com for articles about various fandoms. Some fun things out there and our merch. So if you don’t want to leave us a review, you can just buy a shirt. It’s pretty easy. Or a mug or mug, right?

Jessica [00:38:07] Yeah, that’s what I really want.

Greg [00:38:18] You guys want to roll now that we’re done with fear, the Walking Dead, Walking Dead topics. Do you want to roll? Yep. Yeah, let’s do it. All right. Ready? One, two, three, roll.

Erin [00:38:35] I got two. I didn’t really need my minus five.

Jessica [00:38:39] I got twelve.

Greg [00:38:41] And I’ve got a 14. So I guess that means I am hosting the next podcast. I thought you had a negative five. No, I only get a negative five when you guys lose, which you won. So it is really negative for me because it’s a win. Lose it. All right. Thanks again for listening.