21. Supergirl CW Supertalk

This week is all about the Girl of Steel! In this episode, we discuss the CW’s Supergirl, how it fits into the Arrowverse, and what we like about the show.

20. Anime We Like More Than My Hero Academia

Last episode we talked about My Hero Academia and realized there is a lot more accessible anime out there. In this episode, we discuss and recommend anime we like more than My Hero Academia!

19. My Hero Academia Fandom with J.N. Chaney

In this episode we discuss My Hero Academia with best-selling Sci Fi author J.N. Chaney! We talk about how we each got into My Hero Academia, a little bit about other anime, and about J.N. Chaney’s Sci Fi books.

18. Halloween Special

Trick or Treat! In this special episode, we discuss our favorite Halloween episode or movie! We also discuss our Halloween plans and our favorite Halloween Candy.

17. Our Favorite Supernatural Episodes

In this episode we talk about our three favorite Supernatural episodes! Did yours make our list? Listen to find out!

16. Supernatural Fandom with Dr. Lynn Zubernis

Supernatural FanExpert, psychologist, and author Dr. Lynn Zubernis joins us as we talk about the fandom of Supernatural! We discuss how the show has changed over the years, how fandom helps people deal with depression, anxiety, and shyness, and just how awesome the cast is.

What’s Next for The Cast of Supernatural?

Supernatural is coming to a close after its current 15th season. Here are some of the upcoming projects of the Supernatural cast.

15. Another Walking Dead Spinoff? Do We Care?

In part two of Walking Dead week, we discuss Fear the Walking Dead, the upcoming Rick Grimes movies, and the new spinoff.

14. Do People Still Watch The Walking Dead?

It’s Walking Dead week! Here is part one of our two part Walking Dead series. In this episode we discuss the original Walking Dead show and how it relates to the comics.

Is RAMBO Relevant in 2019?

Rambo series thrills all of us. At least, it excites most of the ’80s and 90’s era kids. When we talk of Rambo, the first thing that comes to our minds is the action hero, Sylvester Stallone.