About the Author
Stewart Storrar is a writer from the Clyde Valley in Scotland that has a love for storytelling. Stewart loves to write his own stories in his free time on both his online literary publication Lore Publication and as fully fledged novels. Heavily inspired by Iain M. Banks, Stewart loves to write science fiction but also loves to write horror, thrillers and crime novels (as well as developing TV scripts). When he isn’t writing he loves to game, delve into cinema and binge TV shows. Stewart loves cats, ducks and loves to see pictures of both (emails are welcome!). In terms of what Stewart wants to do in life, he has always wanted to tell stories that will last a lifetime. Live, love and learn!

A Fan’s Guide to The Walking Dead Fandom

The Walking Dead, since first seeing it on television way back on Halloween 2010, has captivated me with every moment, every plot twist and every story arc. There is very little about the show and the universe that is still unknown to me. This articles is my guide to the The Walking Dead Fandom.

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Is There An Overlap Between The Walking Dead, Supernatural, and Horror Fans?

Recently Horror has been the cool kid in town again and with current TV shows like Supernatural, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story to name a few. It seems that this is good news for horror fans everywhere and the recent uptrend in horror doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon.

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