54. C2E2 2020: Critical Role, Umbrella Academy, The Boys, Star Trek, and More!

Does the C in C2E2 stand for Coronavirus? Would you rather have finger sized legs or leg sized fingers. Did all the celebrities leave their stylist at home? All these questions and more are answered in our first ever C2E2 recap episode!

00:00:47 C2E2
00:11:34 Podcasters Meetup
00:16:36 Walter Koenig Panel
00:19:24 RWBY Panel
00:23:28 George Takei Panel
00:26:12 Star Trek Picard Panel
00:28:59 Critical Role Panel
00:33:26 Meeting Some of Critical Role
00:37:48 Jim Lee Panel
00:39:26 Adam Savage Panel
00:40:27 Patreon
00:40:51 Farewell to Arrow Panel
00:51:58 The Umbrella Academy Panel
00:55:49 Mark Ruffalo Panel
00:56:33 William Shatner Panel
00:57:16 The Boys Panel
01:06:07 My Hero Academia Panel
01:08:08 Final Thoughts