69. Code 8: Green Arrow and Firestorm Are Criminals!

This episode is all about Code 8 starring Robbie and Stephen Amell. We talk about its origin as a short film, the IndieGoGo campaign that funded the feature film, what we liked about the movie, and more.

68. Justice League Dark: Prepare for Apokolips War

The Justice League, but make it MAGICAL! In this episode, we discuss the Justice League Dark DC Animated Movie, JJ Abrams’ recently announced show on HBO Max, and the upcoming sequel Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

67. The Flash Season 6 So Far: Evil Iris, Meta Vampires, and a Dying Speedforce

Was Bloodwork just a complicated vampire? Does Iris have to break the law to prove herself? We answer these questions and more in our discussion about The Flash Season 6 so far.

66. Walking Dead: The Only Tiger King We Care About

The Walking Dead unfortunately had to shut down production before the season 10 finale was ready to air. In this episode, we recap some of the big moments of the season so far, and for our patrons, we speculate what we think will happen in the finale when it airs later this year.

65. Amazing Stories on Apple TV Plus: Better or Worse than Spielberg’s Original?

Does Amazing Stories on Apple TV Plus hold up to the original? In this episode, we discuss the origin of Amazing Stories in the 1920s, how the new anthology series is different than the one by Steven Spielberg in the 80s, and why the internet is so upset about it.

64. Welcome to Jumanji! We’ve Got Fun and Games!

Are the Jumanji sequels worth watching? In this episode we discuss Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level. Join us to find out what we thought of the movies and which video game avatar we would pick!

63. Will Bloodshot Kickstart A Valiant Cinematic Universe?

Bloodshot is one of the many movies that has been affected due to what is happening in the world today. Its theatrical run has been cut short and it is now available on demand! We discuss Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, its origin as a comic, and we play a particularly fun Rotten Tomato game.

62. Is Star Trek Picard A Good Representation of Star Trek?

The first season of the highly anticipated series Star Trek: Picard has aired! In this episode we discuss the plot and characters, what we thought of the show, what we think they could have done better, and whether or not it’s a good representation of Star Trek. Major Spoilers!

61. Understanding Altered Carbon on Netflix, The Books, and Resleeved

Were you lost while watching Altered Carbon on Netflix? We hope this episode will clear some things up for you. We talk about the world, the plot, and the characters of both seasons as well as the movie, Altered Carbon: Resleeved. We also discuss some differences between the books and the show.

60. Does Mythic Quest Make Apple TV Plus Worth It?

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is the workplace comedy about a fictional video game company you didn’t know you needed. In this episode, we discuss the show on Apple TV Plus, the trend of turning video games into live action content, and today’s culture of live streaming.