69. Code 8: Green Arrow and Firestorm Are Criminals!

This episode is all about Code 8 starring Robbie and Stephen Amell. We talk about its origin as a short film, the IndieGoGo campaign that funded the feature film, what we liked about the movie, and more.

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00:00:40 Podchaser is Donating to COVID-19 Response Fund with Podcast Reviews
00:01:10 What is Code 8?
00:05:49 How It Got Started
00:12:35 The Story and the World of Code 8
00:16:46 The Superpowers of Code 8
00:22:14 Patreon
00:23:39 What We Liked About It
00:30:48 Spinoff Series on Quibi
00:33:51 Rotten Tomatoes Game

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