Fandom News 2-14-20

Here’s the latest in fandom and entertainment news! Let us know if you prefer having mini news segments within our regular episodes, separate episodes like this one, or a completely separate feed for news. Thanks!

00:00:20 The Mandalorian Season 2 will be released in October
00:01:03 Turner and Hooch series was announced for Disney Plus starring Josh Peck:
00:01:40 Owen Wilson and GuGu Mbatha Raw join the Loki series on Disney Plus:
00:02:29 Lauren Graham will star in a Mighty Ducks series reboot for Disney Plus:
00:04:16 An untitled Sony/Marvel project was announced for October 8th, 2021:
00:05:10 Rick Moranis returns for a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids sequel:

00:06:08 Pokemon Home was just released:
00:08:08 Teaser for The Green Knight movie starring Dev Patel was just released:
00:09:03 Hokko Life, a village life simulation game was announced for PC:
00:09:57 Brand new DC villain Punchline will make her debut next week in Batman #89:
00:10:54 A DC-themed restaurant called Park Row is coming to London:
00:11:57 DC Universe announced a new roleplaying mini-series called DC Universe All-Star Games:
00:13:29 Rooster Teeth announced 3 RWBY related shows for their FIRST members:

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