Is RAMBO Relevant in 2019?

Rambo series thrills all of us. At least, it excites most of the ’80s and 90’s era kids. When we talk of Rambo, the first thing that comes to our minds is the action hero, Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone has been on the silver screen in the Rambo series since its inception. When we hear about the release of Rambo – The Last Blood, it excites us because we will get to see him one more time in an action movie. John Rambo, again played by Stallone, prefers to live a peaceful life in Arizona. However, when Rambos niece Gabriella is abducted and murdered, he decides it’s time for some payback.

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When he gets back in action, it brings back nostalgic memories of Stallone in Rambo movies. It is seeing your hero in action, transformed yet with the same enthusiasm and zeal. The Last Blood is entirely different from other action movies of this genre, especially in the era of superheroes and action stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Jayson Statham. It is the fan quotient for Stallone that keeps the audience glued to the cinema and boosts the sales of movie tickets.

While most action stars of previous eras have grown old and taken retirement from such movies, Stallone still has the courage to continue. In one of the scenes, he mumbles, but we all know that he suffered from speech difficulty and facial paralysis in his younger years. Taking all that and his current age into consideration, he has played his role well and done justice to it.

The name of the movie – Last Blood probably denotes that it is the last movie of this series with Stallone.  One cannot compare him with present day superheroes, he still stands tall and as an iconic figure of yesteryears. As present super heroes have their place and entertain the audience, Stallone has never disappointed his fans with his action thrillers.

The world has moved to the era of artificial intelligence and digitalization. Today’s sci-fi movies are entertaining and thrilling for the millennial crowd; however, action thrillers have always been more realistic. Probably, that was the reason for producers and directors to come up with this movie and let the younger generation get the gist of it. Here, he doesn’t fly in the sky or do anything unrealistic; he intends to take revenge against the murderers of his niece Gabriella. He doesn’t want to sit back and enjoy his retirement when he learns of his niece, which is quite a human nature.

Rambo’s revenge gets brutal towards the kidnappers and may shock younger audiences. We should give him some credits that he intended to protect his niece at any cost. It was his love and affection for his niece that went beyond his control. Rambo has always been, a young angry action hero. With time, John Rambo has become an old angry action uncle for Gabriella. Directors cast him in the leading role to show the real Stallone of those days. Through this movie, younger generations may know how he acted during yesteryears.

Critics find Rambo – The Last Blood underwhelming. Having said that, if certain actors can play a romantic hero even at a much older age, why can’t Stallone play an old action hero? It takes courage for producers and directors to sign up with actors of yesteryears.

Will young adults know who Sylvester Stallone is? They can watch this movie and see how Stallone is still an action iconic. These days, everyone its superhero mania. Let’s make an effort to see more realistic action movies. We can take our friends, and it may spark a trip down memory lane of the early ’80s and ’90s action movies.

Whether this movie is labeled a success or not, it is still worth a watch. Since this is Stallone’s last Rambo movie, go and see it. Sylvester Stalone and Rambo have earned a grand farewell.

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