62. Is Star Trek Picard A Good Representation of Star Trek?

The first season of the highly anticipated series Star Trek: Picard has aired! In this episode we discuss the plot and characters, what we thought of the show, what we think they could have done better, and whether or not it’s a good representation of Star Trek. Major Spoilers!

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00:01:01 What We Were Most Excited To See
00:03:39 Returning Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast
00:11:38 The Plot of Star Trek Picard
00:13:42 Picard’s New Crew
00:23:17 Seven of Nine, Hugh, and the Borg
00:29:23 What We Liked About the Story
00:33:09 Patreon
00:33:32 The Romulans
00:38:25 The Ending and the Repercussions
00:44:24 Was Picard Good Star Trek?
00:50:12 Final Thoughts
00:54:54 What We’re Hoping For in Season 2

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