29. Legends of Tomorrow: Countdown to the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 8

In the final part of this 8-part series, we tell you what you need to watch and know about Legends of Tomorrow going into this year’s massive crossover. Be sure to check out our other Crisis episodes in which we talk about Smallville, Arrow, Black Lightning, and more! *Spoilers ahead!*

Countdown to Crisis Series:
Part 1: Supergirl
Part 2: Batwoman
Part 3: The Flash
Part 4: Black Lightning
Part 5: Smallville
Part 6: Birds of Prey
Part 7: Arrow

00:00:48 What is Crisis on Infinite Earths?
00:01:20 Who are the Legends of Tomorrow?
00:03:19 Setup for Crisis on Infinite Earths
00:03:54 The Legends’ role in Crisis on Infinite Earths
00:14:07 Kevin Smith is hosting an aftershow on the CW called Crisis Aftermath

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You can also watch Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix.

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