77. Lucifer Seasons 1 and 2 Are Heaven Sent

Jessica is finally watching Lucifer! In this episode we discuss its origin as a DC Comic, what we like about the show, and the major plot points of Seasons 1 and 2.

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00:00:39 It Took Jessica Long Enough, Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover
00:02:04 Lucifer is Based on the DC Comic The Sandman
00:06:23 Season 1, The Main Characters
00:14:12 What We Like About the Show
00:25:09 Wrapping Up Season 1
00:25:59 Patreon
00:26:22 There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done by Lynn Zubernis Giveaway
00:28:58 Season 2, New Characters
00:33:26 Major Plot Points of Season 2
00:36:32 Wrapping Up Season 2

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