89. Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is Raining Quirky Superheroes

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is almost here! In today’s episode, we discuss Season 1, what we know about Season 2, and some theories about Season 2. For our Patrons, we talk about what we want to see in Season 2!

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(00:02:10) The Umbrella Academy is Based on a Comic
(00:03:23) The Umbrella Academy Season 1
(00:06:37) Why is The Umbrella Academy So Popular?
(00:08:32) The Hargreeves and Their Powers
(00:12:35) Differences Between the Show and the Comics
(00:17:17) Patreon
(00:18:27) What We Know About Season 2
(00:20:45) Season 2 Theories

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