Our Top Childhood Video Games

Here at FanDummies, we all grew up playing video games. I was a Nintendo kid, through and through. My siblings and I used to sit around watching my Dad play Ocarina of Time (hi, Dad) like it was a movie. We used to pass around the controller trying to get the last few stars in Super Mario 64. Since then, I’ve gotten into more systems and genres, but nothing beats the good old days. Here are our top three video games that shaped our childhood. What are yours? Comment below! – Jessica


1 - Super Mario Bros (NES)


1 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

2 - Counter Strike (PC)

2 - Bump 'n' Jump (Intellivision)

2 - Pokémon Red (Game Boy Color)

megaman insanedingo
Art by Erick Marquez @InsaneDingo on Twitter

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