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131. Shadow and Bone Netflix Series Review and Ultimate Grishaverse Guide

The first season of Shadow and Bone premiered on Netflix. We are deep diving into the Grishaverse, the characters, and the major differences between the books and the show. Of course we will also tell you what we thought of the series. This show...

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130. The Nevers on HBO Max Review, is it Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

The first episode of The Nevers premiered on HBO Max on April 11. We are going to talk about what The Nevers is and who is in it, what makes The Nevers a sci-fi show, then we are going to review the first episode....

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129. Star Wars Clone Wars and the Vintage Star Wars Collection on Disney+

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volumes 1 and 2 arrived on Disney+ on April 2. We are huge Star Wars fans and really loved The Clone Wars series. So we had to watch this original version of Star Wars: Clone Wars that originally debuted in...

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