30. Smallville Is The Best Live Action Superman

Somebody saaaaave us! All this Crisis hype is making us miss Smallville. In this episode, we discuss why we love this pre-Superman Clark Kent story.

00:00:50 Doctor Who Season 12 premieres Jan 1st, 2020
00:01:28 The Black Widow trailer was released!
00:02:39 Brec Bassinger of Stargirl will be making her debut in Crisis on Infinite Earths
00:05:18 The Mandalorian’s The Child (aka Baby Yoda) has toys available for pre-order!
00:07:12 Wonder Woman 1984 trailer looks awesome!
00:08:03 Greg got a sneak peek of Season 4 of The Expanse
00:10:37 What is Smallville?
00:18:29 Eras of Smallville
00:28:36 Smallville introduced a bunch of superheroes from the Justice League, the Justice Society of America, and more. They also had some amazing guest stars!
00:39:26 What We Like About Smallville

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