27. Stargate: A Crash Course

Chevron 1, encoded! In today’s episode, we give you a Crash Course on the Stargate Franchise, from the 1994 movie, to the shows, to comics, to the Stargate Command app. Chevron 7, locked!

00:00:46 The Tesla Truck design
00:01:39 Star Wars: The Force Collector novel almost spoiled The Rise of Skywalker
00:02:38 Porgs return for The Rise of Skywalker
00:03:14 Noah Hawley will write and direct Star Trek 4
00:04:38 Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series is already renewed for season 2
00:05:26 Season 3 of The Dragon Prince is streaming on Netflix – stay tuned for our episode talking about the show!
00:06:11 Stargate movie: Buy on Amazon
00:14:26 Stargate SG-1: Buy on Amazon
00:22:05 Stargate Atlantis: Buy on Amazon
00:27:52 Stargate Universe: Buy on Amazon
00:41:24 Do we recommend watching these in chronological order?
00:42:28 Stargate Origins: Buy on Amazon
00:44:44 What’s Better: Star Trek TNG or Stargate SG-1?

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