31. Superman Comics Crash Course

Superman, along with many DC characters, has been rebooted many times. Where should you start if you’ve never read a Superman comic? Do you like apple pie with vanilla ice cream Clark Kent? What about brooding, cynical Superman? This crash course will hopefully help you decide.

What We’re Watching, Reading, etc.
00:00:55 Crisis on Infinite Earths on the CW
Crisis on Infinite Earths comics: Buy on Amazon

00:01:35 Erin and Jessica are reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy
Siege and Storm: Buy on Amazon
Ruin and Rising: Buy on Amazon

00:02:18 Greg is reading
The Three-Body Problem: Buy on Amazon

00:02:45 Superman’s Origin
00:03:19 Golden Age
00:10:48 Silver Age
00:15:09 Bronze Age
00:17:13 Modern Age
00:26:52 Flashpoint
00:28:58 The New 52
00:31:47 Convergence
00:33:56 Rebirth
00:35:56 Recommendations
00:38:39 Who Played Superman Best?

Top 25 Superman stories according to IGN

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