Amazon Prime

100. Upload on Amazon Prime Video Starring Robbie Amell is the Future!

Today we are going to talk about Season 1 of Upload. We are going to talk about what it’s about, the characters, the social implications, Greg will make lewd comments about the sex suit, and we will reduce Nathan’s life down to a very handy pro/con list.

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99. The Boys Season 2 on Amazon Prime Ep 1-4, Butcher is Supe Stepdad and Stormfront is the New Homelander

Today we are going to talk about Season 2 of The Boys. First are going to discuss new characters and what’s been going on in the show so far, Hughie and Starlight’s dangerous romance. We will answer the question how does the release of compound V change the show and why is The Boys Season 2 getting terrible ratings on Amazon? For our patrons we have a whale of a tail (That what’s left of it anyway).

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