Anakin Skywalker

85. Mandalorian Lore in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 2

Can’t get enough of The Mandalorian? Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 2 takes us to the planet Mandalore where we get our first glimpse of the Darksaber! Join us as we talk about the memorable moments of Season 2, and if you’re a Patron, get excited to find out which Jedi Erin, Greg, and Jessica are!

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75. Love Star Wars The Clone Wars Season One? Roger Roger

We finally started watching The Clone Wars! We discuss Season 1: familiar faces and planets, plus new characters and new planets. We also talk about the timeline and how it connects with the movies.

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72. Star Wars May the 4th Special: Everything Good About Star Wars

Force choke toxic fandom. Today is all about what Star Wars has done right. May the 4th be with you! Join us to celebrate Star Wars Day.

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