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133. Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 on Netflix Review

The first season of Jupiter’s Legacy has landed on Netflix. We are going to talk about the cast and the characters they play, we are going to list the top 5 ways the Jupiter’s Legacy tv series is different than the Jupiter’s legacy comics, then we are going to review season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy.

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132. Invincible Season 1 Review and Season 2 Predictions

The first season of Invincible ended on Amazon Prime Video. We are going to review season 1 of Invincible, go more indepth on episode 8, the season finale, we are going to list the top 5 ways the show is better than the comics, and talk about season 2 predictions.

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127. Invincible a Superhero Comic Turned Into a TV Series by the Creator of The Walking Dead

On the show today we are talking about Invincible the new tv series on Amazon Prime Video. Did you know it is written and created by Robert Kirkman, you know the guy that created The Walking Dead? Well you do now, and there are so many other fun things we will be talking about, including the well known voice actors and where did all of these superheroes come from??? Since Invincible is adapted from the well known comic of the same name, we are going to talk about the top 5 differences between the Invincible comics vs the Invincible tv series.

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