89. Netflix’s Umbrella Academy is Raining Quirky Superheroes

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is almost here! In today’s episode, we discuss Season 1, what we know about Season 2, and some theories about Season 2. For our Patrons, we talk about what we want to see in Season 2!

85. Mandalorian Lore in Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 2

Can’t get enough of The Mandalorian? Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 2 takes us to the planet Mandalore where we get our first glimpse of the Darksaber! Join us as we talk about the memorable moments of Season 2, and if you’re a Patron, get excited to find out which Jedi Erin, Greg, and Jessica are!

81. Netflix Space Force Didn’t Suck

In this episode, we discuss what our expectations were of Netflix’s Space Force, whether or not they were met, and what we thought about the show. Then for our Patrons, we talk about how the Netflix show is different from the real life Space Force, and we speculate about something that the show never addresses.

79. Turns Out She-Ra Is A Cat Person

In today’s episode, we talk about She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 5. We discuss where season 4 left off, where season 5 picks up, and what we liked about the show. Our lucky Patrons get to hear our thoughts on Catradora, and where you can find new She-Ra content.

77. Lucifer Seasons 1 and 2 Are Heaven Sent

Jessica is finally watching Lucifer! In this episode we discuss its origin as a DC Comic, what we like about the show, and the major plot points of Seasons 1 and 2.

75. Love Star Wars The Clone Wars Season One? Roger Roger

We finally started watching The Clone Wars! We discuss Season 1: familiar faces and planets, plus new characters and new planets. We also talk about the timeline and how it connects with the movies.

69. Code 8: Green Arrow and Firestorm Are Criminals!

This episode is all about Code 8 starring Robbie and Stephen Amell. We talk about its origin as a short film, the IndieGoGo campaign that funded the feature film, what we liked about the movie, and more.

61. Understanding Altered Carbon on Netflix, The Books, and Resleeved

Were you lost while watching Altered Carbon on Netflix? We hope this episode will clear some things up for you. We talk about the world, the plot, and the characters of both seasons as well as the movie, Altered Carbon: Resleeved. We also discuss some differences between the books and the show.

Fandom News 3-21-20: Quarantine Edition

This episode of Fandom News features delays, early releases, and more. We also recommend things for you to watch while you’re quarantined.

59. Is Netflix’s October Faction Better Than Locke and Key?

We continue our binge-watching of comic book stories adapted by Netflix, and this time it’s October Faction. We discuss the characters, the monsters, how the show differs from the comics, and other shows it’s similar to.