24. The Flash Comics Crash Course

Comic spoiler alert! Jay Garrick? Barry Allen? Wally West? They’re all here! This episode of FanDummies will help navigate The Flash comic universe (multi-verse?) from the Golden Age to Rebirth.  Also Greg surprises Jessica with a very special Facebook group.

What We’re Watching, Reading, etc.

Erin and Greg Watching:
Silicon Valley
The Walking Dead

Jessica Playing:
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Buy on Amazon

00:03:26 The Flash’s Origin
00:06:10 Golden Age
00:07:49 Silver Age
00:10:49 Bronze Age
00:12:26 Crisis on Infinite Earths and aftermath
00:16:43 Infinite Crisis and aftermath
00:18:29 Flashpoint
00:21:12 The New 52
00:23:06 Convergence
00:25:04 Rebirth
00:26:34 More Flash Shows and Content
00:29:30 Groups

The ten best comic book stories of The Flash as rated by CBR.com

Thirsty for Cisco Facebook Group

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