23. The Flash CW Speedster Talk

This week is all about the Fastest Man Alive! In this episode, we discuss the CW’s The Flash, how it fits into the Arrowverse, and what we like about the show. Stay tuned for our next episode, in which we’ll dive into The Flash comics.

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00:01:20 Arrow’s series finale will be Tuesday, Jan 28th
00:01:32 Supernatural’s final episodes will be on Mondays from March 16th to May 18th
00:02:00 Legends of Tomorrow season 5 starts Tuesday, Jan 21st
00:02:18 Disney+ launches tomorrow, Nov 12th. The first episode of The Mandalorian will be available to stream.
00:02:37 Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse sequel set for April 2022.  Watch Into the Spider-Verse on Amazon
00:02:53 Trailer for May 15th Scooby-Doo movie released today, Nov 11th
00:03:29 Pokemon Sword and Shield release this Friday, Nov 15th. Buy on Amazon
00:06:30 The Flash
00:08:50 How The Flash fits into the Arrowverse
00:12:33 Our Favorite Characters
00:21:33 Our Favorite Story Arcs
00:26:29 Do we recommend starting from the beginning if you haven’t watched?

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Here's some cool Flash stuff we know you'll like!

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