67. The Flash Season 6 So Far: Evil Iris, Meta Vampires, and a Dying Speedforce

Was Bloodwork just a complicated vampire? Does Iris have to break the law to prove herself? We answer these questions and more in our discussion about The Flash Season 6 so far.

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00:00:40 The Flash Season 6 Part 1
00:04:51 Bloodwork 
00:08:54 Changes from Crisis on Infinite Earths
00:16:09 Patreon
00:17:35 Iris, Black Hole, and Eva McCulloch
00:27:14 Godspeed
00:28:31 Nash Wells
00:32:50 Why is the Show Going Downhill?
00:39:30 What the Show is Missing/What Made the Early Seasons Good

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