25. The Mandalorian on Disney Plus – Why Is It So Interesting?

Who is The Mandalorian? WHAT is A Mandalorian? In this episode, we dive into the rich history of the Mandalorians and discover what makes this show on Disney+ so interesting. Spoilers for the first two episodes!

00:00:59 DC’s Titans renewed for Season 3
00:01:14 DC’s animated Harley Quinn show will debut Nov. 29th
00:01:28 DC’s Doom Patrol
00:02:27 CW releases Crisis on Infinite Earths teaser
00:03:10 Falcon and the Winter Soldier concept art released
00:03:49 Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed for Season 8
00:04:28 Spongebob: Sponge On the Run trailer released
00:05:35 Scoob! trailer released
00:06:19 New Sonic the Hedgehog trailer released and it’s way better than the old one. Side by side comparison
00:07:36 The Rock posted art by Jim Lee of his new character Black Adam
00:08:50 Join Jessica’s Thirsty for Cisco Facebook group

00:09:29 What Is The Mandalorian?
00:11:38 What Makes The Mandalorian So Interesting?
00:16:42 What We Like About The Mandalorian
00:26:54 What We Hope to See on The Mandalorian

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