Top 10 Aliases on Supernatural

We all love Supernatural for so many reasons, but the fact that the Winchester brothers often borrow names from rock stars and famous movie characters is just the perfect icing on the cake.

It is known that Sam and Dean Winchester love listening to rock music and watching movies when they’re not busy saving the world or buying flannel shirts, so it’s not a surprise that whenever they have to use a fake name, they will borrow the last names of their favorite rock stars and actors.

From the 80s rock music to famous actors and iconic movie characters, here are our top 10 aliases Sam and Dean used on the show!

10. KISS – Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley
Remember the iconic moment when Sam and Dean first dressed up as priests on 1×14 ‘’Nightmare’’? Yes, we do too, but what you may not remember is that they introduced themselves as the bass and lead guitar from the rock band Kiss!

father simmons father frehley

9. LED ZEPPELIN – Robert Plant and Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin definitely is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, and it’s not a surprise that Sam and Dean love their music. In 3×05 “Bedtime Stories,” we can see that they use the singer and main guitar’s last names, calling themselves “Detective Plant and Detective Page.”

We can can even see Dean’s badge as clear as day, something that is unusual in the show, as they always use the same badges but we can’t actually see what is written in them.

What is curious about these aliases is that in 5×06 “I Believe The Children Are Our Future,” the Winchester brothers use them again, but in this case, we can see that Dean is Page and Sam is Plant. I guess that they flipped a coin and decided that Sheriff Deputy Plant was Dean’s and FBI Plant was Sam’s!

detective plant detective page
detective plant detective page

8. METALLICA – James Hetfield
1×04 “Phantom Traveller” is one of the most famous episodes on this show, and we all remember the iconic scene in which Dean is humming one of Metallica’s songs to calm himself down. We love this reference to the 80s band but why leave it there? There’s actually another reference to the band in this episode, as Dean introduces himself as “Doctor James Hetfield,” who is Metallica’s singer and guitarist.

7. STAR WARS – Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford
It is obvious that Sam and Dean love music and using his favorite rock stars’ names, but they also are fans of big movie franchises like Star Wars! In 1×03 “Dead In The Water,” they introduce themselves as “Agents Ford and Hamill,” who are the actors that portray Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in the Star Wars saga.

Our favorite thing about these aliases is that they’re used again fifteen years later! In 15×05 “Proverbs 17:3,” the brothers use the same aliases from the U.S. Wildlife Service and they even use the exact same badges they had in season 1! They even joke about Dean’s looks, referencing the Supernatural fandom’s running joke that Jensen Ackles never ages.

agent ford agent hamill
agent hamill agent ford
agent dean ford
dean winchester

6. AC/DC – Angus Young
This is one of our favorite references because if you are not paying attention, you may miss it. When Sam and Dean introduce themselves in 4×04 “Monster Movie,” they call themselves “Agents Angus and Young”, and if you put the names together you get Angus Young, AC/DC’s lead guitarist.

agents angus young

5. GUNS ’N’ ROSES – Axl Rose and Slash
This one is tricky too, because if you only know the legendary guitarist Slash by his nickname, you will miss it. In 8×04 “Bitten,” we see Sam and Dean as “Agents Rose and Hudson,” and only a true Guns ‘n’ Roses fan would know that Slash’s real name is, in fact, Saul Hudson!

agents rose hudson

4. MARVEL – Bruce Banner / Hulk and Tony Stark / Iron Man
We live in a world where being a fan of the MCU and Marvel Comics is taken for granted, but it is nice to know that Sam and Dean live in a world where the Marvel Universe is present too! As a huge fan of both Supernatural and The Avengers, it was so cool to see the Winchester brothers introduce themselves as “Agents Stark and Banner” in 9×02 “Devil May Care”.

agents stark banner

3. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera
One of our favorite aliases and moments of the show takes place in 9×22 “Stairway To Heaven,” when our beloved angel Castiel tells the sheriff that two of his partners are joining him at the crime scene. Little did Sam and Dean know that Cas had, indeed, used the names of two famous singers, but these names are not exactly the ones that the brothers would have chosen.

agents spears aguilera
sam dean winchester

2. AEROSMITH – Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
We know that sometimes Sam and Dean’s aliases are way too obvious, and the writers know this too. The second place of our top 10 alias moments deals with this feeling exactly.

4×06 “Yellow Fever” is one of our favorite episodes and also one of the funniest episodes of the show. When Sam and Dean introduce themselves as “Agents Tyler and Perry,” names of Aerosmith’s singer and lead guitarist, the man they’re talking to actually recognizes the names! Dean’s face says it all.

agents tyler perry
aerosmith supernatural
dean winchester

Finally, our favorite alias moment comes from 4×03 “In The Beginning,” when Dean goes back to the past and meets a young John Winchester.

Dean talks John into buying the Impala and when he introduces himself, he says he is “Dean Van Halen,” as they are in 1973 and Van Halen’s first album was released in 1978, John could have never related Dean’s last name to this soon to be a legendary rock band.

It was so cool to see Dean meeting his father, talking him into buying his favorite car and being able to introduce himself with the last name of one of his favorite musicians!

john winchester
john dean winchester
dean van halen

We hope you have enjoyed this list of top 10 aliases on Supernatural. This show is packed with cultural references and this is one of the reasons why it is so special to many people. It would be so cool if the writers gave us a chance to see Agents Ackles and Padalecki before the show ends!

Let us know in the comments which one of these cultural references is your favorite!

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