Top 10 Supernatural Must-Watch Episodes

Number 10

Scoobynatural - Season 13 - Episode 16

Directed by Robert Singer and Spike Brandt, Scoobynatural is a crossover between Supernatural and the animated mystery comedy ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!’. This was one of the most anticipated and funniest episodes from the show, as the Winchesters find themselves inside of a cartoon, but not just a random one, they are inside Scooby-Doo’s world. We get a typical Scooby-Doo episode where Dean becomes friends with Shaggy and Scooby and Sam shares his knowledge with Velma.

This is a perfect example of how the show keeps coming up with new and original ideas to show the audience that thinking outside the box is possible.

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Number 9

On the Head of a Pin - Season 4 - Episode 16

We go one step beyond Dean’s trauma in Hell and we get presented to who’s to a lot of fans one of the greatest villains on Supernatural, the demon Alastair. In this episode we are also shown Sam’s need to drink demon blood by the hand of Genevieve Padalecki’s Ruby.

At the end of this episode, Castiel confirms that Dean was the who broke the first of the 66 seals that needed to be broken to open Lucifer’s cage in Hell.

Number 8

All Hell Breaks Loose - Season 2 - Episode 21, 22

Season 2’s two-part finale is one of the most emotional episodes on this show, as it has the final battle between the Winchesters and Azazel, the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mother and Sam’s girlfriend. The first part of the double episode ends with Sam dying and we have one of the best performances brought by Jensen Ackles, as Dean mourns the loss of his brother and ends up selling his soul to a crossroads demon in order to bring him back.

Number 7

Baby - Season 11 - Episode 4

This episode is a tribute to one for he most famous cars in television history, the Chevrolet Impala ’67. Directed by Thomas J. Wright, we get to see Sam and Dean’s life through the car’s point of view while having really smart framing and shot composition. This is, of course, one of the legendary episodes where Sam and Dean call each other ‘Jerk’ and ‘Bitch’ and by showing a more human side of their life with scenes where the brothers simply talk, have a beer or listen to music, we fall in love with them all over again.

Number 6

Pilot - Season 1 - Episode 1

Pilot episodes aren’t necessarily the strongest or best episodes of a TV show, but Eric Kripke managed to set the bar very high with this one, as in just 46 minutes he managed to perfectly present us the world, characters, and tone this show would follow.

One of the reasons why this episode was so good and why Supernatural has lasted fifteen seasons is Ackles and Padalecki’s chemistry, which we can appreciate since their first appearance on screen.

Number 5

The Monster at the End of this Book - Season 4 - Episode 18

Supernatural is famous for having a lot of meta episodes, and what’s more meta than finding out that you actually are characters from a book that a not-so-popular writer is publishing? This episode introduces Chuck Shurley, a prophet of God and also the writer of a book series called ‘’Supernatural’’. Later in Season 11 we learn that Chuck is actually God, so this episode acquires another layer of depth: have the Winchesters ever had free will or is God deciding everything for them?

Number 4

The French Mistake - Season 6 - Episode 16

Here we have a great example of how an ambitious and not so simple idea can end up being one of the most remembered episodes in a TV show if it’s handled well. This episode completely broke the fourth wall by making the Winchesters travel to another dimension: ours. The brothers find themselves filming in the Supernatural set, finding out that everything, from the smallest knife to the Impala, is just a prop, going to Jensen Ackles’ trailer and Jared Padalecki’s house and meeting their co-star Misha Collins, who delivers a hilarious performance.

Number 3

Changing Channels - Season 5 - Episode 8

This is one of the most beloved episodes by all the fans, as it has everything a great episode should have: comedy, a touch of drama and great acting by everyone from the cast. Richard Speight Jr’s Trickster is back playing with the Winchesters’ minds by trapping them inside a TV and making them live inside episodes of iconic shows as ‘CSI’, ’Knight Rider’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. This episode is surrounded by a tone of comedy while the Winchesters try to get out of this TV world and the angel Castiel tries to help them.

At the end of this episode, The Trickster reveals himself to be the Archangel Gabriel.

Number 2

Lazarus Rising - Season 4 - Episode 1

This episode introduces Misha Collins as the angel Castiel and also opens the show to a new and foreign land, Heaven. Castiel is a soldier from Heaven and also the one who raised Dean from his perdition in Hell. This is one of the most successful character debuts in the history of the show, as Collins’ Castiel became a fan favorite as soon as he appeared on the screen. Introduced by this episode, on Season 4 we can also see how Dean deals with the existence of angels and how Castiel goes from a mechanic soldier to a more empathetic character who falls in love with humanity.

Number 1 must see Supernatural Episode

Swan Song - Season 5 - Episode 22

This was supposed to be Supernatural’s ending, so it’s not a surprise that it is one of the best episodes of the show. Eric Kripke, Supernatural’s creator, and writer had always envisioned the show with five seasons and with a final episode that fully wrapped the story. This episode shows us the final fight between Lucifer and Michael, that started with Sam finally saying ‘yes’ to the Devil and becoming his vessel and ended with Sam (Lucifer) and Adam (Michael) being locked inside Hell’s cage. Dean witnesses this fight and he’s left alone with Bobby and Castiel in a world that no longer had the Devil, but also didn’t have Sam.
The fanbase of the show was so big and vocal at this point that the showrunners decided to renew it for the sixth season and at the end of the episode we can see Sam alive on Earth again.

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