Top Baby Yoda Merch

The Mandalorian is turning out to be excellent Star Wars. Mando himself is an excellent character, but the star of the show is Baby Yoda. Since we are buying all the Byoyo merch we can get our hands on, we thought we should share what we believe is the top stuff. Enjoy.


Ridiculously cute Baby Yoda Funko. I want to set this up and make TikToks of them hovering stuff.

Yes, it gets better. Byoyo Funko comes in SUPER SIZE!! Some days cuteness needs an overload.

Wish you could snuggle Baby Yoda? Now you can with this plush Byoyo. 11″ and super soft. Imagine your kids bringing this plush toy to every event. What better way to force people to talk Star Wars all day!


Melt strangers’ frozen hearts from a distance with these adorable Baby Yoda shirts.

Want to put Baby Yoda in your pocket? Yeah, us too. This shirt is the safest way to do it without making Mando angry.

When you can’t pick the cutest Byoyo poses this is the shirt for you. Cuteness times 3.

This is the shirt the Mandalorian wears when his armor it at the dry cleaners. If you want to be like him this is the shirt for you. This is the way.

Not much to say about this shirt other than it’s stupid cute. Wearing this shirt is equivalent to walking a puppy. Everywhere you go people will stop you and gush on its cuteness. Wear with caution.

Other random cuteness

This mug says it all. You should probably install an alarm system on this cup because everyone will try and steal it.

If coffee you like, mug you should buy. This may be the cutest pose of Byoyo. Squeeee!

Prove you are the coolest by sticking this on your minivan. It’s so cute you may want to buy 1000 and stick them all over your house and car.

Take this puzzle to all your family get-togethers. Byoyo’s cuteness is guaranteed to convert all holiday arguments into gushing over Baby Yoda’s cuteness. You’re welcome.

Take selfies in style with this Byoyo pop socket. It’s time to retire whatever busted up last year’s pop socket you are currently using and upgrade to maximum cuteness. Don’t be 2018 basic when Baby Yoda is extra AF.

Take Baby Yoda everywhere with you. This water bottle is bpa free with extra cuteness. Byoyo loves when you are environmentally conscious and a reusable water bottle is a good way to do that. If you fill it with colored liquids Baby Yoda looks like they are on all different worlds. Very cool.

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