66. Walking Dead: The Only Tiger King We Care About

The Walking Dead unfortunately had to shut down production before the season 10 finale was ready to air. In this episode, we recap some of the big moments of the season so far, and for our patrons, we speculate what we think will happen in the finale when it airs later this year. *Spoilers for the show and the comics!

00:00:58 We Watch The Walking Dead Consistently
00:02:30 Big Moments of Walking Dead Season 10
00:20:17 Patreon
00:20:39 Greg’s Salty Segment
00:28:23 What We Liked About Season 10
00:37:03 The Season 10 Finale, World Beyond, and Fear the Walking Dead Will Be Airing Later
00:39:32 What We Know About the Season 10 Finale

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